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  1. +2. Thought it was a problem my end. Way to dark since 2.7 update.
  2. As a 1080ti owner who would have to sell a kidney to afford a 3090, I would appreciate knowing just how worthwhile the difference was if you are going to compare the two.
  3. Hi there. Please can you tell me how you can tweak your settings so that the GFX card doesnt use shared memory? Thanks
  4. Yep. Received yesterday. Fitting was easy enough and results are amazing. Thanks.
  5. Hi Damien. I am #5734. Is that shipping this week also? FIngers crossed because i am on holiday for 7 days and I will have lots of time to set it up and play. Thanks in advance
  6. Hey Burt. here are my settings. I am locked at 45 and getting that without issue. GPU frametime goes amber sometimes. CPU stays green. Reprojection rate around 3%. PD of 1.0 in DCS. WMR at best settings. Shadows off because I dont think they are done very well or look particularly realistic. If anyone can suggest improvements to make things better I would be grateful.
  7. Thanks for all the help people. After 4 days of struggling and feeling like I had blown £650 on a G2 which couldnt better my Rift S I am now a convert. I can read the dials, and the colours are superb. Very little to no shimmering and my frame rates/settings are probably now higher than they were with the Rift, with much much more clarity. CptHelmet, I am so glad you mentioned about the cross eye fix, that was the icing on the cake because I am convinced since experimenting with some of the options, I have now found one which is more comfortable and the sweet spot is huge. Anywhere
  8. Where do I get this tool please, and is this why my eyes hurt when I use VR zoom? Didnt have any problems zooming with my Rift S, but zooming in the G2 is off in comparison. Edit: Sorry, that was lazy of me to ask and not search. I Presume this is it here?
  9. Thx to both CaptHelmet and Burt for the replies. I am stuck in work at the moment so cant trial, but looking forward to experimenting tonight. Already done lots of the underlying windows tweaks, but I think my issue lies predominently with the SteamVR settings. I have been completed confused on how to set the Global resolution vs the application specific multiplier. Should the global resolution (or whatever its called) always be set to 100% 3164x3096 and you adjust the multiplier on a per application basis in the Video section of SteamVR? Thx
  10. Thanks Burt, I am grateful for your help. Can I ask what settings you have in the Windows Mixed Reality portal? Thanks again
  11. Burt Thanks for the reply and the link. So do you set 48% at both the global level and DCS app? I cant figure out what resolution/percentage I should be setting on SteamVR? Thx
  12. I got my G2 on Monday and am having a hellish time. I have looked at 14 pages of threads in this VR forum (since the G2 came out) and lots online. Followed the various guides on tuning Windows and turning various features off, and have been totally confused by numbers, percentages and where to set them. When you say "I dialed the res to 48" was this in SteamVR on the global page, or have you left global at 100% and set 48 specifically against DCS? Thx
  13. Thx for that. Out of interest what problem are you having with the headset?
  14. I dont use Steam or SteamVR at the moment, so will have to get my head around the setup of those. I have just ordered an NVME drive so am going for a new install of the OS and DCS next week. That way it wont have any of the old Oculus software lying around possibly causing me trouble and I can install Steam to that. Will I only need SteamVR do you know?
  15. Glad to hear you should have your replacement soon. Standby for my questions next week about how I set this thing up. To be fair the Rift S was easy, but I get the feeling the G2 isnt quite the same?
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