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  1. So every time you push on the stick in the mosquito we have to deal with choking engines? I have flown several piston driven aircraft and have never experienced this.
  2. Hello. Just got the Mossie and jumped right into instant action. The first thing i noticed is that when i put a negative G load on the aircraft the engines nearly die until i pull positive G's again. What am I missing? Are there fuel pumps that should be on? I thought that everything would be configured correctly in an instant action setup. Or, is this a bug or characteristic of the mosquito? I'm not new to DCS, i have just never seen behavior like this with and other piston module. Thank you.
  3. That must be it. I was thinking more AV8 style i guess. So just HMCS on and look around at night and that should do it right?
  4. Really great update on the A10 ED. Question, how do we get the NV/FLIR overlay on the the HUD? Haven't played with it too much but just wanted the quick and dirty answer.
  5. Are you sure? I set up a mission with 12 BTR 80s and saw small rectangles on the ground radar within 5 miles. Very faint painting though. Persian Gulf map on a road. If i can figure out how to post a track I will do so after I verify my findings.
  6. Is functionality in place yet for the ground radar to hand off a target to the Litening pod for a maverick shot or GBU yet or do we just have basic ground return functions at this point? Thanks and great job on the ground radar ED!
  7. I run both. If i want to play with new features I go OB, if you want a stable version that is reliable go full version, pretty simple solution; its not like hard drive space is an issue anymore.
  8. Just tell your wife you love her and get both. Worth a try...:lol:
  9. Hi all, For more efficient practicing sessions I fly with unlimited ammo. Does anyone know if the sim just locks in the gross weight with ordnance or does it change every time you release a weapon and then back again when it automatically rearms? Thank You
  10. Angle of attack is the king here, doesn't matter how much you weigh. As long as the AOA is coded correctly. :thumbup:
  11. Hi, I have read the earlier thread but still cant figure out what im missing. Using A TM warthog with default settings. Trigger fires the cowl MG's but cant figure out how to fire the wing cannons. Pressed all the buttons and tried keyboard strokes as well. Master arm is "armed". What is the combination to fire cannons only or all guns simultaneously? Thank you.
  12. I see that the A8 has been released but it does not show up as an update in the in game module manager. I have pre-purchased the module. Is this just a release for the open beta? I only use the stable version of DCS. Am I missing something?
  13. FWIW, when the shoot cue says "shoot", i pull the pew trigger and the rounds hit, I haven't seen an issue with lagging rounds.
  14. Is the F14 still only for open beta installations? Thank you.
  15. Sorry your feelings have been hurt...... ....bye Felicia.....
  16. Probably a stupid question but I don't seem to find them anywhere. Does Wags post his missions for download when he demonstrates new capabilities of the modules? Specifically I am looking for the F18 laser maverick mission he uses in his You Tube video. Thank you.
  17. Hello, Im not a genius at the mission editor and would like to know what vehicle or aircraft to insert to be able to give me laser designation and ground tasking. I though it it would be an E2 or E3 but see no drop down option to enable a FAC or JTAC task. Is it a ground unit that I should be trying to insert? Ultimately I just want some sort of laser designation for bombs and missiles. Thank you!
  18. Targeting pod, ground radar and guided bombs.
  19. Just recently having replaced my warthog throttle I am remapping all my axis commands. Have they removed the Mustang Prop Rpm Lever command? What changed? I dont see it in the controls menus. Also I have recently returned to DCS after a brief hiatus so bear with me please. Thank you.
  20. Thank you for the mission file Wags! Got it wired now; as it were.
  21. Hi, Haven't been on in a while what with life events and everything. Question about the recent update to the hornet; is it only applicable to the beta version of World 2.5 or the stable release 2.5, or maybe I am mistaken altogether? Haven't seen it auto update in my last few startups. Tried to manually update as well. ??? Thank you and have fun with this fantastic product everyone!
  22. Thank you very much sir!
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