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  1. How did you do it ? Its quite hard to find a clear explanation on this
  2. Agree. Plus, Korea would allow modern jets for future modules. it would be awesome.. with beautiful korean war paint schemes. But no technical changes for the korean war with P51 ? or F51 ? since WW2
  3. I'd rather wish the next module announcement as christmas present
  4. Didn't the Nevada map started like this ?
  5. Have you tried the training missions ? There's one specific for HOTAS . And you only have 3 triggers : one for stabilisation on where you aim with the cannon another to shoot with the cannon and a third one to release a weapon wich is under the wings. And for the china hat forward long for example is it really that hard to understant that you just have to map the china hat forward with a button on your stick and then , push it .. Long ? As it says ..
  6. :doh: ( but i think there's already a thread for this in input output part of the forum )
  7. I always wonder why there was à 10 here wich never change . Hope it'll be included in à hotfix
  8. Ok this is an normal answer. No hurry dont worry :) just wanted to know. If it has been reported i'll wait patiently
  9. All can i say is LOL . You make wrong models ( dont tell me its minor its just not thé same plane ) and then you just say STFU politly to people who pay ED . Thats WAY More important than other fixes you did sorry. But i lost my Time here argumenting with replies like yours
  10. Anything new / hotfix in perspective ?
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