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  1. My reply Hi @Leviathan667, I think this one should work for you, I tested it on my own DCS (beta) and it works with the 3-way flaps switch. -- Spotlight {down = iCommandPlane_SpotSelect_switch, up = iCommandPlane_SpotSelect_switch,value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('MY_Spotlight Switch - LANDING'), category = {_('Systems')}}, {down = iCommandPlane_SpotSelect_switch, up = iCommandPlane_SpotSelect_switch,value_down = -1.0, value_up = 0.0,name = _('MY_Spotlight Switch - TAXI'), category = {_('Systems')}},
  2. I am sorry to tell you that your link contains just the readme file and not the mod.
  3. I am facing the exact same issue "re-authenticate the A-10C, FC3 and Blackshark 2" I have made an upgrade of my motherboard and I did delete the registry keys with the recommended reg files from this ED forums. Is there anything to do to be able to reactivate these three modules ?
  4. Hi SUNTAG, I am sorry but I cannot find the link to the .miz you are talking about. Could you please give us the link so it can be downloaded ? Thank you very much for your work. :thumbup:
  5. Have you tried using "hardlinks" or "symbolic links" pointing to your mapped network drive ?
  6. Hi, I think there is an important feature needed by many of us. Is it possible to display the mouse coordinates in real time ? This should facilitate objects creation on the map. Thank you for this wonderfull application.
  7. Tell me then, where is the "other thread" you are refering to so I can say what I think and share with all other disapointed people ? God knows how many we are !
  8. Thanks for this but it is just a workaround to correct temporarily bad patch/update only. This is not a stable solution.
  9. Unfortunately, ["fullScreen"] = false doesn't change the problem. I have to set ["ScaleGUI"] = false to be able to access the menu with the mouse. How the hell do you test your updates, it is unbelievable. You correct some thing and you distroy something else that used to work correctly, it is a real mess. And don't tell me that is because it is a Beta version. it is no more acceptable.
  10. For sure, as in your signature, You are not a big man. But know that me either.
  11. Are you racist? Be useful once in your life and do something useful rather than criticizing everything for no real reason !
  12. If you have not guessed it and it seems to be the case, English is not my mother tongue. I do my best and my computer can not put words in red because it does not recognize English by default. You only scream in the air and breeze. Beta does not mean not doing regression tests. You can test new implementations, but a patch or update does not have to modify the operation of the program after it has been applied. You do not know anything about programming, but it's not your fault. Take your time and stop talking about things you totally ignore. The stable version as it is supposed to be must be stable and can only be improved if it has no bugs for what it is supposed to do. Have you ever bought a car in beta? Surely not.
  13. If they gave me the source code, I would certainly do better than them, while you, just talk in the air and would not, any better. I'm not insulting developers, but project managers, because they apparently do not know anything about regression testing, which is part of the basic learning process in computer development. Of course, you do not know anything about this subject either. The easy workaround you are talking about should not be necessary if they could do their job properly.
  14. Beta is not a way to say they are excusable. Beta has nothing to do with the development methods used. Do not mix things up. If you were a developer, you should know exactly what the software test means and how it should be implemented in the development workflow.
  15. I have the exact same issue. Half screen not clickable on 3840x2160. What the **** are you doing in developpment ? Don't you test your software at all ? That is unbelievable and unacceptable. You should hire for better developpers and review your testing worklflow from scratch. You are very bad developpers.
  16. Thanks to you, :thumbup: It is working now. regards ! :smilewink:
  17. Hi, There seems to be something missing in the downloaded zip file you provide. No executable present. Could you please check ? Best regards.
  18. Thank you again for your reactivity. It is good to know that this particular bug is known and WIP.
  19. Same again for me nothing new even after last 2.5.1 patch. No Gbreath sound. Could someone help please has someone any clues ! Even new installation doesn't change anything ! That is very strange.
  20. Rest in Peace and God bless you !
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