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  1. I agree what you are saying. What I meant was maybe calling it something else then "early access" or whatever. Something to really drive it home to those who buy early access that it is not a finished product. Cause sometimes it feels that people do not know what early access is. And when they then fly early access products on top of doing it in DCS World Beta, and then complaining about missing features and bugs... What do they expect?
  2. Instead of calling it early access, they could call it beta access ??
  3. But you have to remember, that feedback on the longbow from Iraqi Freedom is close to 18 years old... That's almost 20 years of improvements and development. Even a 2005-2006 version would have 2-3 years of development and improvements based on feedback from such an operation.
  4. I'm hoping it's due to early access that the radar is not included. And that it follows same procedure as with the fighters, where the radar is implemented at a later time in the development cycle of the module.
  5. I tested VR for the first time a few days ago. It was insane! In other words, VR headset will be purchased for the full AH-64D experience
  6. This is THE module I have been waiting for! My first ever sim experience was with the Longbow 2. This will be a certain day 1 purchase from me.
  7. Thank you all for the great replies, regarding both VR and big screen :)
  8. Have they solved to HUD? Remember a while back there was discussion about the readability of the HUD when in VR. Doesn't matter how awesome it feels, if the HUD is hard to read. And if the solution is a higher res VR display, then it's back to mediocre performance at best. I'm hoping I'm wrong about this, or it is old issues.
  9. Problem with VR as far as I have read and understood is the pure power that is needed from both the CPU and GPU. As it is right now it seems to be problems getting good enough frames. Adding an even higher resolution VR wont help in that department.
  10. Upgraded our aging 50" plasma in our livingroom to newer and bigger tv (LCD). At the time I was curious about using the old plasma as a screen for DCS, but hold of due to remembering someone saying tv's in general was not very good for gaming. But after thinking about for a while: DCS is not a fast paced 1st person shooter, I don`t need 1ms response etc. So I hooked it up.... It is an old plasma, but the feeling of 50" right in the face coupled with Track ir and HOTAS setup was sweeeeet! Of course the image is not as sharp and crisp as the monitor I have. But from thinking of up
  11. The oxygen issue was fixed almost 2 years ago. And it wasn't anything wrong with the plane. It was a combination of pressure garment and cold weather survival gear worn by pilots. http://articles.ktuu.com/2012-09-22/cold-weather_34045939
  12. But you are using a Pk figure, that range over 4-6 different versions of the same missile. From data that are 14-15 years old. From a guy that had a clear agenda. On a missile that was not even in the US inventory at that time.... Still only one AMRAAM fired ;)
  13. Taken from another forum: And how long is it since an AMRAAM was shot at another plane in a real BVR fight? 14-15 years?
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