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  1. The dorsal hump is in the SMT version, not available in DCS
  2. Hope no mate! hahahahaha, they posted that the cockpit have changes in form and systems
  3. IMHO, the problem were the air to air missiles of the Gazelle, not the lack of experience of the Ka-50/Mi-8 pilots. If the model were Ka-52, that have two Igla short range IR missiles, the outcome should be different
  4. Mine too, I will make several tests this weekend in single player.
  5. Is any weapons limitation? if Mistral goes with AA missiles, thanks but no. Unless you add SU-25T to the red side, and Harrier to the BLUE.
  6. Indeed, but he raised the nose of the aircraft, it is the same for a medium-range target if you raise the azimuth of the radar. at one point, the target appeared on the HUD for a second (19:40) and disappeared again (about 26km away), then he wrongly started to lower the radar azimuth to -1 and -2 with a 10km range set in the radar in this case yes it's impossible to see anything.
  7. The same I said in the 104th server chat days ago, they sold us a F-18 or a F-35? :megalol: Nice video, and is what I was talking, you can't receive a radar return at this distance, even changing the radar azimuth up and down, at the end you have to select IRST and lock something in WVR range!, to the point that I have been shot down by Harriers, Viggen or A-10, planes that would never have dreamed of reaching that distance of an SU-27
  8. The same is happening to the russian aircrafts, whatever they say, we are the ones flying everyday, and we are not that dumb to not notice any change in the radar behavior. I agree with Ironhand, is more noticed when there is a sustancial difference in altitude, and you are in the range between medium or close distance from the other aircraft. I have change the radar distance, the radar azimuth, everything, and it's almost impossible to receive any radar return.
  9. IMHO, they nerfed the FC3 aircraft radars to balance with the new F-18 model, is not the first time they did it!
  10. Yes, the Ka-50 shkval was nerfed since the 2.5 version or a few hotfixs later, now you have to shoot at long range with no lock at all.
  11. All aspects, all speeds, all altitude!, told you, never happened before, since the target aircraft begin to maneuver, it dissapear from radar, and is very difficult to get a return again, even knowing via datalink where he is. Or maybe was that I was flying a J-11 I will try to prepare a test video to show what is happening.
  12. Is not only this, will be the first western antiradiation missile in the game!
  13. It's me or the SU-27 and russian aircrafts radar was nerfed? since a few weeks ago, the radar lose contact with the targets at medium and short distance, you can see that is there by the datalink, but don't matter how you change the radar elevation and lateral angle, is almost impossible to regain the target in the radar.
  14. Hi Alpen, the new SRS is asking for EAM coalition password or cant be added to Favourites, any idea?
  15. Ok here you are, unpack the file using Extract here under: drive:\users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS or DCS Openbeta\Liveries After that, you should have: drive:\users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS or DCS Openbeta\Liveries\Cockpit_MIG-29A drive:\users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS or DCS Openbeta\Liveries\Cockpit_MIG-29S And as Hijack stated in his post above: "You should now be able to select the “Brighter RWR” cockpit in the “Special” settings." inside the DCS config https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ar3LeO3LwZH1ukeVVUv53x1VfQcm
  16. You can work the mod using the current one that makes the RWR brighter, it's in the file area of the forum. The mod is here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3631618#post3631618
  17. Hello, can someone post the link to download the latest DAWS SAVE MISSION mod? Thanks in advance!
  18. Logitech G940 Joystick, Throttle and Rudders
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