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  1. I don't think that's the problem, a basic rule of business is, if you are in a country, and something is stopping your growth, move to another!. They can even move their company to Cancun, Mexico. Beautiful beaches, good weather all the year and cheap!. :thumbup:
  2. I don't agree with you on that, there is all the documentation of the MIG-29, SU-27SK. MIG-23MLA/ML/MF/BN online, and many others, the original documentation in russian with all details.
  3. I don't know if I will fly the MIG-19 often, but I will buy it to support RAZBAM to continue building another non US aircrafts, like EF2000 or MIG-23. Keep working guys!
  4. Do not dream of that, nothing of FC avionics will be improved. Any improvement will be for independent modules, if someday they release one.
  5. I dont think the team is Cuban based, they have to be living abroad, maybe they have a friend in Cuba that is the one with the proper connections and do the research. Anyway, there are former Cuban MIG-23 pilots that live in Miami. Another one, Alberto Ley Rivas, who shot down the South African Mirage F1 in Angola is living in Cuba.
  6. I hope they release the MLA version including the R-24R/T, Cuba have both missiles in their inventory. as well R-27R/T for the MIG-29A.
  7. Was a great event, sorry I couldn't finish for problems at work!. Thanks to the 104th guys for the servers and their time.
  8. This^^, From the first time I used discord, I realized that this is not the right communication tool to work in teams. It is true that he has a voice, but everything else is as if it were an extension of whatsapp, with the same problems porn, chat and BS, I think that for DCS, the best comm apps are teamspeak and SRS.
  9. Looks like the MIG-23 will come in 2021! or maybe in 2112, like Rush album? :D
  10. If you do the same with the M2000's Matra 530 you are dead!, AFAIK, the 530 is the best SARH missile in ED right now.
  11. I know is broken, as I know that if you want to shot down someone with a R-27ER, I have to launch it at 8km maximum, I play daily in the 104th server in MP, and the ER use is only for persuation, in order to make the other aircraft begin defensive maneuvers, not thinking in a kill, because the Pk is almost ZERO!
  12. Meanwhile ED continues working on western missiles :D
  13. This video is better! :lol:
  14. You're right, mine is not working at all, a wasted money.
  15. No one knows if that is the Rmax, I consider that the chart marks the distance where the missile flight profile have a good Pk and not the Rmax. In this case, the chart say that a missile launched at 1100 km/h speed and 10km high, can kill at a non manueverable aircraft at 70 km away. Anyway, is a simple chart for weapons deployment in the SU-27SK, not a complete study of the missile. This is the manufacturer data: http://eng.ktrv.ru/production/military_production/air-to-air_missiles/r-27r1_-_r-27er1.html
  16. Where in the book? I have the russian version and only talks about the missiles specs and launch parameters, pylons positions, etc but no chart or study about the ER per se.
  17. Why not? where is the proof? I have no seen any chart related to ER/ET flight and tests, like the AIM-120 published online. All references are from the old R/T models
  18. Remember that the Russian scientifics are dumb, and don't know how calculate an interception profile for a missile. They have been sending rockets to ISS eventually with pure child maths, not rocket science :D
  19. The MIG-23-98 was a project Cubanace began a while ago, but he paused it to develop the SU-57. I have to no interest in the MIG-19, will wait for the MIG-23MLA or any latest model. I simply stopped buying ED's western aircrafts, not because I dislike them, but for the lack of red complete modules in ED
  20. was a great battle, the server stability of 10!, was incredible to watch the aircrafts taxi over the carrier deck with no lag or warp!. COngrats to the organizers in particular the 104th guys and the people who work as ATC and GCI RuSh
  21. What is 100% real is that the carrier based MIG-29K, can carry KH-31A and Kh-31P. There are several videos of Star telechannel showing them aboard the Kuznetsov.
  22. Sorry Tiger, JunMckill is RuSh, I'm already signed in a SU-33, not F-18 Regards! RuSh
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