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  1. AFIK, the Cuban MLA can have both at the same time, I was in the Cuban Armed Forces for 14 years and many times went to Air Force Bases for work, and watched the MIG-23ML with R-24T in one wing and R-24R in the other, and below 4 x R-60MK. The one visible in the picture below right wing is the R-24T The same day left wing is visible the R-24R
  2. AFIK, the RAZBAM M2000C version have the RDI radar, then as I told is compared to MIG-29S years, but without the R-77 which entered service years later, but capable to launch the R-27ER/ET "The Radar Doppler Impulse (RDI) built by Thales for the Mirage 2000C entered service in 1987. It has a much improved range of about 150 km, and is linked to Matra Super 530D missiles, which are much improved compared to the older Super 530F."
  3. You're right! Thank you. In fact, Cuba used the MIG-19 for a very short period, because the MIG-21 arrived almost immediately. I lived in Havana relatively close to Playa Baracoa's air base, when I was a child, after they decomissioned the remaining US planes (like the T-33), the first one that arrived was the MIG-15, which I was seeing for several years. When MIG-19 arrived, its presence was hardly noticed, from then on we saw MIG-21 for a long time, the same in takeoffs and landings as in shooting practices against targets on land and at sea.
  4. Terrific!, need one of Cuban air force!. I found this one of the link below, but in fact the Cubans MIG-19P were not green https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307844/ this one below is a plastic model And this is the real in the Aviation Museum in Havana
  5. I think that RAZBAM should release their own version of the R-24R and T missile guidance with the MIG-23MLA, like they did with the 530 SARH for the Mirage 2000C
  6. Yeah, but they have the MIG-29K (naval) and MIG-29UPG versions, those are another thing! and their MIG-21 Bison have the Kopyo radar and R-77 capability.
  7. Mirage 2000 is another beast of course, but comparing the deployment dates, if should be matched with the MIG-29A/B MIrage 2000: first flight in 1978 and introduction in 1984 MIG-29A/B: first flight in 1977 and introduction in 1982 The M2000C was introduced later, it should be compared to the MIG-29S The difference in DCS lies in the quality of the Matra Super 530 missile, which is the best SARH missile at this time, there is no chaff or anything that allows you to get rid of it when it is fired at the correct distance. On the other hand, the simulation of the R-27R/T in DCS against countermeasures is really bad, in the first case, it is lost if you throw a car license plate out the window of your plane! :megalol: and in the second case it goes behind a cigarette butt! :pilotfly:
  8. Place the flaps in take off mode so you can have more lift with less speed.
  9. +20!, I'll try to participate in the next event!. BTW, nice Tam o' shanter cap! LOL
  10. The Cubans had a very good experience using the MIG-23ML in Angola vs South Africans Mirage F1. As many people stated here, the use of GCI is mandatory for Russian airplanes in the 60s, 70s and early 80s. But the Cubans managed to fight the Mirage F1 many times without losses. They even damaged a C-130 of the CIA, which they used to deliver weapons to UNITA rebel group and shot down another one. I quote to author Ruben Urribarres: "With the escalation of the conflict at the end of 1987, air fighting begins with the South African SAAF's Mirage F1. On September 27, 1987, the Cuban MiG-23ML piloted by Major Alberto Ley Rivas, and his wingman, First Lieutenant Juan Carlos Chavez Godoy, take off to CAP a helicopter rescue mission through the Cuito Cuanavale area, when they receive the warning of the GCI, that two South African fighters penetrate Angolan airspace heading north. They were two Mirage F1CZ of the SAAF 3rd Squadron, piloted by Commander Leader Carlo Gaggiano and his wingman Captain Arthur Piercy. The MiG-23ML follow the radar indications to intercept the Mirages, approaching from the front. The Chavez's MiG-23ML radar locked the first Mirage F1 at 12 km, but cannot fire its medium-range R-24R missile, as both pairs of fighters turned, and from its position the Rivas MiG-23ML remained ahead (Rivas carried only short-range missiles R-60MK -AA-8 Aphid-). The two pairs of fighters merged, and turn horizontally to stand on each other's tail. However, the MiG-23ML has clear superiority of maneuver over the inert Mirage F1, and its turning radius is smaller. In a few seconds Rivas manages to get in the tail of Mirage F1CZ SAAF-206 of Piercy, and shoots an R-60MK at 300 meters distance, which explodes in its tail. Chavez and the GCI shouted excitedly confirming the impact. It was 2:36 p.m. The other Mirage, seeing the fate of his companion, abruptly stings to the ground, and leaves the combat in a flush to Namibia. The MiG-23ML consider the first Mirage shot down, and try to chase the second plane, but they were already at the fuel limit, returning to base. Piercy was able to get out of the fight but damaged, it stings to the ground to go unnoticed, and at full speed he goes to his airfield in Rundu, Namibia. The R-60MK missile exploded near the nozzle, damaging the wings and rudders, the parachute broke off, but the worst part was that the hydraulic system, which powers the controls, was seriously damaged, and began to fail. Piercy barely controls his Mirage F1CZ, and when trying to land he leaves the track, crashes losing the train. From the blow the catapult shot up, Piercy's parachute has no time to open, and it hits the ground. As a result Piercy seriously damages the spine and becomes invalid. His Mirage F1CZ 206 is discharged and was cannibalized to fix the Mirage F1 205. For years South Africa concealed the loss by combat of this Mirage, describing it as an accident, although today it recognizes that the cause of that supposed accident was the combat with Rivas." http://www.urrib2000.narod.ru/EqMiG23aa-e.html
  11. Exactly, in fact the MIG-21 radar and BVR missiles are useless below 1000 meters, and all the players usually fly very low! :pilotfly:
  12. Looks like Karpesky AV (or other antivirus) is deleting WorldGeneral.DLL file due a virus, maybe a false positive in their heuristic algorithm. Try to repair DCS
  13. Hello guys, due to unforeseen work, I cannot participate in the event, I have already updated my original post. Regards and good flight! RuSh
  14. 718th LnG "Rush" - I can't participate in the event due unforeseen work.
  15. The problem is the proper documentation and manuals, doesn't matter if it's in Russian or any other language, where is the doc about MIG-29K?
  16. It was a great event, thanks to the organizers and all the pilots!! I could not finish, due to a lightning that fell near an electrical transformer in my area and we ran out of light.
  17. Hi Tiger, you can remove the two 718th =LnG= TBA in lines 32 and 33 RED SIDE, they will not go, I already edited the original post. Regards, RuSh
  18. Hi Ironmike, is any of our slots are not filled, I will post it here days before the event. Regards, RuSh
  19. You have a beautiful, smoking and flaming (literally) Kutsnesov, so why do you want that American thing? :megalol:
  20. 718th =LnG= squad RED SIDE ping below 200 - J-11 Hellrequiem (Mexico) - J-11 RuSh (Mexico) - Ka-50 Mursmank (Spain)
  21. But the F-5 has better maneuverability than the MIG-21, once you are merged, bets go against the MIG-21
  22. My game crashed many times in VR while playing MP in a dynamic mission, the other guys playing in 2D monitors had no problems. PD: looks like the one who crashed first was the Oculus OVRService, and later crashed DCS. Have an Oculus Rift S EDITED: The problem is after change the slot while the aircraft is in autostart mode, no problem if I leave the server and get a new slot or the same one, the OVRService crash
  23. 5 USD below buying on steam
  24. The steam license is valid on non steam DCS?
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