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  1. thanks mate. the problem with that mod or fix is the IC, most servers use full IC, and you can't access them without a clean client.
  2. I just want something more simple for the MIG-29, ED PLEASE REPAIR THE RWR DISTANCE LIGHTS!
  3. Squadron Name: 718th =LnG= Contact person: Hellrequiem Teamspeak/Discord: paketa.duckdns.org & Aircraft Selection. 2 x J-11A, 1 x A-10C, 3 x F15C, 1 x AV-8B Pilot Roster: Hellrequiem (-5 Zulu) J-11A Rogago (-5 Zulu) A-10C RuSh (-5 Zulu) J-11A Seawolf (-5 Zulu) F-15 Leacamba (-3 Zulu) F-15 Wolfpack (-5 Zulu) AV-8B Wolfman (-3 Zulu) F-15 EDIT: Dropped by admin
  4. you're right, in fact the MFD of the FC3 SU-27 is far from the real one of the SU-27SK (and I'm talking the K version that is the export model)
  5. I vote for realistic, like the MIG-29S that have no datalink MFD, only a HUD duplicity. But the SU-27Sk have a very complex DL, with many more options than the FC3 one. This was not bought by china?
  6. They also need to repair it to VR, not only TOR, all!
  7. Love this thing mate, good job to all team!
  8. Thats why is in beta, time to reports those bugs mate! :pilotfly:
  9. AFAIK, the MIG-29 PFM will be free for FC3 owners, but maybe ED will sell it individually as they did with SU-27, F-15 and SU-33 before, for those who have no money to buy the FC3
  10. You are right the RVV-AE is the original R-77, and the SD is the R-77-1, anyway some analysts give an estimated of Pk, range, etc, below the AIM-120C specs, and others say they are better.
  11. No one knows the real specs of the R-77-1 (RVV-AE), the manufacturers give this figures: http://eng.ktrv.ru/production_eng/323/503/505/ Several publications online nerf the missile (like DCS does), and other analyst gives a better profile than the AIM-120C-1 (1996), no one knows for sure. And of course, the TWS solution will not work like the F-15, you will have to lock on the enemy aircraft, because no one knows how is IRL
  12. The mod was working fine in the previous version, but now is kicked by the IC.
  13. At least he is calculating the FM using real tools with real equations!, usually the modders just take the closest FM that already exist in the game, and put over the external model of the new aircraft and their weapons, then you have a SU-35 or MIG-31 flying with the PFM of the SU-27. His method is more accurate by far, if you replicate exactly the model and now the weight of the components.
  14. Janes 360 cite SA Military that the F-15 pilot was able to extinguish the fire and returned to base. http://www.janes.com/article/78774/saudi-arabia-says-f-15-survived-sam-hit-over-yemen
  15. The R-77 variant is the R-77-PD ZRK / RVV-AE-ZRK - RVV-(PD-)ZRK Surface-to-air.
  16. Yesterday was shot down another F-15 in Yemen, using a ground based R-27T, if it's in range KAPUT! I18v1vkNAKc [/url]
  17. The MIG-29S SPO-15 lights are difficult to see (almost invisible) and there is no key bind to make it bright! There is a functional mod online, but most servers with IC reject it. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160353
  18. Thanks to all for the yesterday mission! and to the organizers in particular, I think that will be better an AJS with mig21 in the red side next time. By the way, can you prepare one event with M2000-AV8 vs MIG-29A-SU-25T next time? I think will be more realistic!
  19. LMFAO!! ahhh remember those days in ARMA, when a rookie always managed to get into my tank and my AI standing outside waiting! :pilotfly:
  20. I didn't know that the BLUE had two lives either, in the moment that someone shot me down I just simply disconnected. :D Thanks guys! was an amazing flight!
  21. The scenario is terrific, we were playing yesterday and was really realistic!.
  22. 718th =LnG= México Blue side: Rogago (A-10C)
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