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  1. I think the mission designer have to prepare two sets of SU-33 slots, one set with 100% fuel for Position 3 launch, and another set with 60% fuel for scramble, the GCI and tower control decide in real time who will takes what, when the pilots return from combat or at the match start
  2. There is a mod that fix the MIG-29 RWR and can pass the IC, it works perfect. Read the link: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160353&page=2
  3. Maverick please, if it's possible arm all SU-33 with 100% fuel and ammo, we will move the aircraft to takeoff from position 3 with no problem. I think the carrier commander will organize the way the pilots get in their aircrafts. Regards, RuSh
  4. Hi guys, sorry I will be unable to aasist tomorrow, good luck to all! RuSH
  5. The trick is to eject the MIG-21 canopy and reduce the external world volume!, I've been doing that and the results are amazing, now I can see!! :pilotfly:
  6. Hi Vatikus, the mod is superb and you cleaned all the scratchs of the glass, but the glass per se have a couple of layers that reduce the visibility, it's more noticed when you use a VR headset and move the head "out of the canopy", you will see the landscape perfect, then begin moving the head inside, and you will notice a first layer in the glass (the external side) thats dim the light a bit, and there is another layer (the inner side of the glass) that's reduce the visibility more, I tested it yesterday, and is better to dogfight without canopy!
  7. I think he is talking about the files of this mod https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301142/
  8. Thanks! I'm now reading about it, because I was looking one that pass the IC! :pilotfly:
  9. Is not just a "little too dirty", is impossible to see anything unless you use Oculus and put your head out the canopy. I did a test yesterday, was training against AV-8B and Viggen and they saw me and shot me down all times, then, I ejected the canopy and reduce the audio volume, flying very low to see any enemy 30 degrees above me, and my sides, it works!, I killed them all in dogfight from that moment, so thats the solution! 1- Eject the canopy 2- Reduce external audio volume 3- Don't waste your time waiting for the developers
  10. I had a similar issue with the MIG-29 in the Persian Gulf, when begin taxi, it turn left and Im not touching the rudders, I had to apply right rudder to compensate, the problem only happens on ground.
  11. The MIG-29 have a problem with the RWR lights which are not visible (the ones that turn on/off counter-clockwise depending the distance of the emiting aircraft), you will need a mod to solve that problem. The lights of ADI and HSI are not working either.
  12. You need Flaming Cliff for the J-11, will be fixed in the future for the standalone SU-27
  13. I don't get it, in the latest update we have this: DCS Flaming Cliffs Mig-29. An instrument and flashlights lighting corrected. What instrument was corrected? I checked yesterday and was not the SPO-15 RWR lights.
  14. Mate thanks for adapt it for Saved Games! works perfect the RWR! but the mirrors are in black EDITED:fixed the black mirror with another mod, only need to comment the line below in the description.lua -- {"Mig-29_cockpit_Mirrors", 0, "mig-29_cockpit-sh", false};
  15. WOW thanks! will test both tonight! :thumbup:
  16. Hi, do you have a screenshot how is in your saved games?, mine pass the IC, but is not working at all.
  17. THIS^^^^^ is the most logical sentence I've read here! :megalol:
  18. Can't wait .... to shot down several with my SU-33! :D
  19. Hi DNice, how to install the mod in Saved Games?, the problem is that installing in the original location, the IC don't let me enter in any server.
  20. Thanks! lets see if the 104th IC let me pass the fix!
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