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  1. 5 hours ago, Lovcar said:

    Миг23 это перехватчик?).Парни,это фронтовой штурмовик!).Истрибитель бомбардировщик если хотите).Очень жду этот самолёт! Когда его доделают?

    Это версия МИГ-23МЛА, да, это перехватчик, неизвестно, когда он будет завершен, пока мы видели только часть внешней модели, а не кабину пилота.

  2. 1 hour ago, Dragon1-1 said:

    AFAIK, Cuba had the version with a downgraded radar, though. USSR made two versions of both the MF and ML, and the one sold to Cuba was the "monkey model" one. We're getting the Soviet version with full radar and IFF capabilities. 


    That's wrong, Cuba always had the same MIG-23 version of the former East Germany (several MIG-23 in Angola were brought from the USSR directly to Angola, other came from Cuba), even the MIG-29A in Cuba, is not the export version of Iraq and Serbia.

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  3. The radar was really bad in the MIG-23, I remember when the pilots in Cuba who fought in Angola, told me that they never saw a sh** in the radar, that sometimes the target appeared and dissapeared inmediately, before they can lock or launch a R-23.

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  4. Surely, but surely a proper Manual is an absolute bare minimum requirement before leaving EA...even if there are future systems to be implemented/polished

    Crazy they could even consider calling it out of EA (even if not feature complete) without a manual...its meant to be a study sim...what are you supposed to study?

    I truly hope this isn't something being run up the flagpole to see if they can get the F/A18C out of EA without a manual...


    I wonder how many people have ever read an ED manual, I mean, compared to the people who fly a DCS module. In my years flying simulators, the average of those I know come to ask first how to do this or that, or to watch videos on YouTube, than to read a manual. Many here have given extreme importance to this, in a digital world in which documentation can be done in a thousand ways, and not necessarily written. :book:

  5. You know what´s the problem with painted stuff? That after sometime it turns a little hard to know which one is the material below that paint. Maybe you don´t know, but fighter cockpits get really weathered, again, really weathered and the paint get weird characteristics.


    If I show this part alone. Would you know which material is below the paint?


    If you tell me you do, sorry if it is hard to believe.


    Here you have the entire pic from where that part belongs:


    Another "concrete" cockpit example:


    Yeah, but that´s a museum/stored piece that is extra weathered, well, here you have one from an operational MiG-23 at the time:



    That's a good answer and you're right, when you are in RL MIG-21 or 23 cockpit, there are so many layers of paint, that you don't know what material is below at simple view, if plastic, concrete or metal. I found your MIG-19 model amazing!


    Keep the good working!

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