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  1. Remember the Ubisoft AC Unity Disaster I love you ED and will continue to support you always. Just get us able to use our accounts download NTTR and fix this. Off to bed was really looking forward to this after surgery today but stuff happens and I know day one releases are nail biters.i know you all must be working your butts off so cheers and good luck. I look forward to waking up and installing all this!
  2. I am having the same issue I purchased A-10C Beta the first day it was available in Beta stage. I have been extremely excited about this MAP and am disappointed that I let it download today while I had surgery thinking I would come home to a nice surprise. Im sure it will get sorted out but PLEASE help soon I want to fly this tonight.
  3. Update on site and Full Version of Fallon Sunset I have had some time to finish the Fallon Sunset movie! full version can be seen here: http://www.foxthreeproductions.com/ I have also started on my next project which will be in DCS and feature a Iconic aircraft that I deeply love. I hope you all enjoy the full movie of VCVW-8 going threw our top gun class. And I look forward to the next movie using DCS. With many more to come. Please also feel free to share any videos or screenshots you guys love and I will post them on the site! Please keep them aviation related. Cheers, Jeremy "Alias" Keelin
  4. Thank you! I hope we all can enjoy it and share in it together ;) Alias
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to take a moment to share with you a new site I'm working on dedicated to the flight sim counmunity talented movie makers. I will be making movies from a range of simulators but myself mostly focusing on DCS and FSX. I invite you all to come watch and share your love of sims the movies we make and aviation in general at http://www.foxthreeproductions.com Full Movie "Fallon Sunset" Now available to view!!! Thank you, Alias Co founder of the Virtual Blue Angels #1 Boss
  6. Fallon Sunset "Sneak Peek" Here's a section of my movie "Fallon Sunset" the FastDogfight scene. Full movie will me done shortly hope you all enjoy. Alias http://www.foxthreeproductions.com/fallon-sunset-dogfight/
  7. Still waiting on any response or email change.
  8. I did my kick stater donation under a different email address then my DCS login. When I attempt to retrieve my backer rewards after logging into DCS threw the link I received in the email from you guys it says "No such email address". Any help or ideas on what to do from here. I'd like to be able to get/enjoy the perks of the money I donated to the kick starter. Thanks. Alias
  9. Yes, It was however, The link to actually download the utility is dead. Thank you for trying though. :thumbup:
  10. Well I fixed it myself. I deleted the reg entries and was able to reactivate it. Case closed.
  11. I knew I was going to run into some issues but I thought it might be a simple reactivation. I own every module currently out. After upgrading to a 8 core CPU and new Motherboard I tried to reactivate my DCS modules and that didn't work. So I completely uninstalled DCS even the reg entry's and folder from saved games. Re installed the entire thing fresh and still can not activate any module... Very frustrated atm.. any help would be great.
  12. Sorry I know this is probably a dumb question but I cant seem to find out how to select just the slick version now. I used to be able to place a "transport" version in the ME and land at a FARP and add doorguns. But now they always show up with the IR exhaust pipe out the back of the engine. Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? Thanks for any help!:thumbup:
  13. FANTASTIC PATCH to the beta today!!! Santa brought me a new TrackIR 5 and Saitek Combat rudder pedals and I'm having a BLAST flying the beta with the new gear while my Wife sits behind me with a smile about as big as mine while I do!:thumbup: Thank you again to the Devs testers and moderators for working so hard around the holidays to bring us a awesome patch to enjoy on this day cheers!!!
  14. That did the trick thank you SO very much! Cheers!:beer:
  15. This is the Problem im seeing on the 229th Gunship.
  16. Thank you Gent's Skins are working perfect now!:thumbup:
  17. Is there any way to use Skins from the Standard UH-1H on the new slick version or do we need a whole new template?
  18. "Slick" was the alias for the normal UH-1D-H transports normally equipped with an M23 Armament Subsystem or an "Sagami Mount" (nearly the same as the M23). This systems carried one M60D on each side. source - http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?139412-Vietnam-War-Helicopter-Aviation-UH-1-Slicks-and-other-versions
  19. Seems any new tracks I try to replay in DCS 1.2.5 my game crashes with DCS.exe has stopped working.
  20. AGREED!!! We need miniguns for the door gunners!!!!
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