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  1. Routine task with Moose. Go to the Moose Discord. Download the Moose User Guide. Start reading.
  2. DCS User Manual P. 146. Navigate to file on your PC. If stated procedure does not work, try DCSW Repair.
  3. Tom's Hardware has new article discussing AMD Ryzen systems' issues with USB ports that affect selected users (guess I am among those unlucky few). One of the many fixes that has worked for some is down-grading the PCIe slots to GEN 3.
  4. I get that we have an Early Access User Guide at this point; however, seems like this very useful info would be relatively easy to add.
  5. Where can I find detailed explanation of AI behavior with respect to the Hornet comm menu commands? Seems absent from Flight Manual and some are vague. For example, "Engage My Target": air, ground, both, radar designated, FLIR designated? "Engage Ground": vehicles, structures, both? "Engage Enemy": any enemy air or ground target at wingman's discretion? Any restrictions? "Engage Mission": once, until dakota, until all targets destroyed, only those assigned in Advanced Waypoint Options?
  6. I have 32" 1440p and am very please with its visual characteristics. I think at 32", 4K will provide degraded performance with little perceivable visual enhancement.
  7. Ryzen 5 5600X, X570 MB, Nvidia RTX 2070 Super. I am getting much smoother video performance after setting PCIe to GEN 3 from AUTO. Visual observation only. No hard data. YMMV
  8. Go to Moose Discord for everything you need to know. See the pinned Moose topic at top of this forum.
  9. Your objective is a great example of the power of scripting. Using Moose scripting, create a SET of your bombers and count the number of set objects in the trigger zone.
  10. I prefer the longer Warthog throttle throw range obtained by eliminating the idle detent and using the idle keybinds.
  11. I think not. Best you can do is create voice commands for F1, F2, etc.
  12. Be sure you have selected the correct Joystick ID (from analyzer top tabs) for testing.
  13. Anyone aware of a procedure to CHANGE the HOME FUEL waypoint after it has been once set?
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