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  1. Will do, count on me ! Bon déménagement !
  2. Hi @Flappie! Any news of this exciting project ?
  3. We did not wipe, simply updated version after version and copy/pasted new servers from the configuration of existing ones. Regarding the mission choice automation, it's done with a tool that writes to the `serverSettings.lua` file. Have a look here.
  4. Hi everyone, We at VEAF use markers a lot. In our scripts, they're the basis of command entry, and are central to our processing. For security purposes, some commands are locked for execution, and only run when a password is specified. To make it easier for our pilots, I wrote a server hook interacting with the mission scripts, which is able to push authentication data to the mission code. Now, I use the marker's author (in the mark panel, there is a `.author` property) to find the name of the player who created the marker, and pass that to the security code. This is well and good, and works perfectly. Until a player with a Combined Arms role creates markers. With these roles (e.g. game master), the created markers lack the `.author` property (more accurately, it is there, but empty). I'm searching for a way to identify the game masters (and all CA roles) who create markers. Does anyone have an idea ?
  5. It's been a while since I had this problem. In the meantime we installed two new servers, and automated the choice of the mission started at boot. All works perfectly, and I'm sorry I can't help.
  6. As far as I remember, yes. Although I tried making a screenshot in an A-10C II and I had no controls indicators at all.
  7. Hi Flappie, Here it is ; the right part are my external MFD screens, and as you can see the controls indicators are not well placed.
  8. Hi, I've been playing DCS with multiple monitors for about 5 years now, and the controls indicator (the red semi-transparent windows showing the state of your flight controls) position is still broken. It's been first reported in 2012 (almost 10 years !). I've been looking into making a mod similar to the one I made for the kneeboard (also broken in multi-monitors btw), but it's too tedious as all the modules have their own controls indicators script, and all are different. Could this be please fixed at last ? Thanks ! Zip.
  9. Thanks for the work on repositories ! I'll have a look.
  10. You'll be most welcome to "steal" it, although it'll probably be quite easy from Hound Elint point of view, and heavily linked to my VEAF library on the radio side...
  11. You're welcome ! I've also integrated Hound Elint to the VEAF scripts, if anyone wants to try. Next iteration will add a radio menu that human pilots will be able to use to take / leave the ELINT role.
  12. Well I have not seen this error in a long time. Seems it wasn't fixed apparently.
  13. Thanks ! Too bad, I wanted to use this on our server but the mods dependency makes this difficult if at all possible. Anyway, thanks for the link mate !
  14. Searched the forum for a reference, did not find one. Could you please give me a link, I'd like to try your templates.
  15. You can come to Ciribob's SRS Discord there is a channel called #help-with-ciribob-scripts-and-tts
  16. Looks extra-cool ; I'll certainly integrate this with our dynamic mission framework very soon. Btw I like what you done with STTS and your `HoundCommsManager` object ; I wrote some code that had the same features but not your object's level of professionalism, so if you don't mind I'll start using it in my scripts.
  17. @GGTharos install Tacview on your server, and use this configuration (in options.lua) : ["plugins"] = { ["Tacview"] = { ["tacviewAutoDiscardFlights"] = 10, ["tacviewBookmarkShortcut"] = 0, ["tacviewDebugMode"] = 0, ["tacviewFlightDataRecordingEnabled"] = false, ["tacviewModuleEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsClient"] = 0, ["tacviewMultiplayerFlightsAsHost"] = 0, ["tacviewPlaybackDelay"] = 0, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPassword"] = "", ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPort"] = "XXXX", ["tacviewRemoteControlEnabled"] = false, ["tacviewRemoteControlPassword"] = "XXXX", ["tacviewRemoteControlPort"] = "XXXX", ["tacviewSinglePlayerFlights"] = 0, ["tacviewTerrainExport"] = 0, }, },
  18. Ah shoot ! Well, I may fork OvGME then, to try and correct its few flaws. But porting it to VS or VS Code is a complex endeavour, and I'd prefer someone else to do it Anyone ?
  19. Well, we can't wait Allez hop hop hop plus vite !
  20. Hi @sedenion! Any news on the "network repository" feature ? We're (at VEAF) eager to switch to your new tool, but without these repositories we're stuck with the old (socket coded) repositories in OvGME...
  21. You're friend with Migow ? First, let me congratulate you for your resilience I know him well, he's a nice guy ; he was a VEAF member for a long time, and we still fly with him sometimes. Can I help somehow with this project ? (not the moving, the TAD maps ^^)
  22. That's a kind of bug that OvGME had from the beginning. Some webservers work with it, some don't. Either change of webserver, or correct the bug in the code
  23. Hi, Interesting idea ; it somehow rejoins our "Mission editing workflow toolset" (you can find it here)
  24. That's a very interesting project ! Please, @BIGNEWY and @NineLine, could you please help our friendly cartographer here ? Flappie, you're probably better suited than me for this endeavour, but if you need another pair of hands you know where to find me !
  25. Shamelessly plugging in : I've made a mod that automatically resizes and position the kneeboard to fill the right half of your main screen, even if you've got multiple displays, and in VR. It's here.
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