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  1. You're welcome ; holler if you need help. Of course, it's not as crisp as with, say, a G2. The video encoder part is setup to use a lower resolution than the one you can choose in the Oculus Software, I'd guess. Still, I had 72 fps (maxed out my refresh rate) with the same options that gave me 30 fps (half refresh) on the G2. If I crank the Pixel Density to 1.5 (which is huge if you ask me) I get 36 fps (half refresh).
  2. Thanks @USSR_Rik ; could you please explain a little bit more about what the extrapolator does, and specifically what the new one changes ? I'm willing to try it on our public server but not before I know what it's all about. Cheers, David.
  3. We found out how to correct the problem ; we set the pe_dataraw_payload type to MEDIUM TEXT, the limit is much higher (16MB) and it stopped complaining. The mission we run is heavy, so that's why the payload was huge.
  4. Well, I'm not an expert of web programming but I could help. In my humble opinion, it'd be better to rebuild the same logic using a technology we know (me, I'm more at ease with NodeJS and Java than Python, server-side). What do you think ? Do you want me to lend a hand ?
  5. Hi @VladMordock! Thanks for this program. I'm trying to use it on our server, and I get an repeating error on one of our servers. 2021-02-03 11:17:02 | Instance: 1 | X | > | 3 | ERROR MySQL - error id: 1406 2021-02-03 11:17:02 | Instance: 1 | X | > | 3 | ERROR MySQL - query: INSERT INTO `pe_DataRaw` (`pe_dataraw_type`,`pe_dataraw_instance`) SELECT '3','1' FROM DUAL WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM `pe_DataRaw` WHERE `pe_dataraw_type` = '3' AND `pe_dataraw_instance` = 1);UPDATE `pe_DataRaw` SET `pe_dataraw_payload` = @PAR_TCPFramePayload, `pe_dataraw_updated`='2021-02
  6. You could "simply" (I love this word ^^ ) make a webserver providing the same features as your tool, and anyone with any tablet or phone could access it easily (no need to code apps in multiple technologies).
  7. I flew yesterday with my Quest 2 (Oculus Link) and it worked well. Surprisingly I didn't even have to select the "unknow sources" thing. What I did : installed Oculus beta channel plugged in my Quest 2 selected "Oculus Link" in the Quest went to the "Desktop" in the PC Oculus to be able to see my PC desktop in the Quest ran the DCS Updater Utility (by Skatezilla) that I use to start DCS selected my VR profile in the utility started DCS with the utility And that's all...
  8. I'm using it in VR along with OVR Toolkit, and it's very cool to have a moving map in the Huey ! Thanks !
  9. Well, let's not pollute this thread with that kind of petty discourse. I take this last chance you generously give me as an occasion to explain myself, then I'll properly shut up and never talk about it again. In my original reply, I said two different things : a smart tip about using PD and SS to achieve the same result with better performance a language lesson about writing words the way one hears them instead of the way they're written by Merriam Webster I was proven wrong for the first part ; thanks to @imackenfor that, I stand corrected, and it'
  10. That one was correct, wasn't it ?
  11. Ah, this explains that. I was so proud of my smart tip Thanks for the heads-up, friend.
  12. Thanks @speed-of-heat! I'll try this. I have just two things to say : I found out (and tested as objectively as possible) that using a lower PD in DCS and a higher multiplier in SteamVR leads to better performance ; that means that 150% SS in Steam VR and 0.7 PD in DCS (resulting in 1.05 times more pixels than the actual resolution) saves me about 2ms in frametime, compared to 100% SS x 1.0PD. a hanger vs a hangar
  13. @Gene Chicago I had this error while trying to make Elite Dangerous (Steam VR version) work with my father's Quest 2 via Oculus Link. The message can be misleading: you have to enable "unknown sources" in the PC Oculus software, not on the Quest 2 !
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