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  1. is that some of the training tracks don't work properly. I was kinda expecting that with the patch, but I'm still hoping that this may be fixed in the near future? Or should I just go ahead and uninstall 1.11 and re-install after training is over?
  2. Okay, I'm not sure if this is a bug specific to this skin mod, or with the 1.11 patch, but external fuel tanks are not showing up when 1st using the payload screen prior to entering a mission. This is the case with all SU-25 variants. They wll show up during the mission, however, and they appear as normal in the payload screen therafter.
  3. It's personal preference, but for me, a setting of 90% works well. Mainly for the sake of the AMRAAM.
  4. "The Ka-50 happens to be starring in a very popular TV show in Russia, which is ED's MAIN MARKET." Hmm that's cool. Anybody here watch 'Airwolf' from waay long ago? I used to love that show as a kid. That copter could do everything!
  5. Well another reason that I think ED favors Russian planes over US is the fact that the last addon was for the SU-25T (Russian) and the next addon is for the KA-50 (Russian). I guess we won't be seeing an F18 Hornet addon or an Apache Longbow any time soon. Now having said that, let me make one thing clear; if the next addon was that of a flyable Mig-19 farmer, I'd still be rushing out to purchase it with the quickness. :o
  6. I would have to concur with EvilBivol... I have never seen the Strelas engage a Mav yet. I've tried testing against 2 BUK SAM sites and tried to hit a Tung in between them and about 70% of the time the 2nd mav will hit the target (or at least hit the ground near the target). Tactics wise I think one thing has definitely changed, sending at least 2 mavericks per target is definitely a good idea.
  7. ...instead of being more balanced. With the new patch, it looks like the A10 and F15 have been further weakened?? As if the F15 wasn't underperforming before (weak AIM 120s), the devs have decided to make it harder to achieve a lock in Close combat modes. And now the mavericks can get shot down by tunguskas as well. I may be defecting soon. :icon_jook
  8. ok thanks, i figured as much, hehe. But after "pitbull" if the number to the left is time to intercept (bottom left corner of HUD), what does the new number immediately to the right signify?
  9. Been testin out the f-15 radar and AIM 120 recently... (the manual/tutorial fail to explain this) after AIM 120 launch, the lower left corner of the HUD displays 2 flashing numbers.. (from testin, i assumed that the 1st number was the timer b4 the AIM 120 becomes active, and the second number was the total time before intercept with target). The bottom right corner of the hud (with the "m" + number), I assumed was the time before the NEXT aim 120 becomes active; and this seems to hold true cuz after the M timer reaches 0 sec, a "T" timer appears, which is always after the aim 120 is within "fire and forget" range of less than 8 nm. OKAY, my question is thus... after launch of AIM120, the 2 flashing numbers on the lower left of HUD begin the countdown... after the 1st number reaches zero, the 2nd number becomes the 1st number, and a new number appears immediately to the right. what do the numbers represent (left and right) at this point??
  10. Hehe that sounds about right SwingKid. I must admit that I'm one of those that initially didn't like it, but I am actually kinda havin fun tryin to figure out the best way to get the weapons on target. It's a new dimension to the game. And I guess it's what the game devs were after in the first place. Oh and GGTharos, coul this have somethin to do with the speed of the HARMs coming in? maybe the reaction time isn't fast enough on the AI?
  11. It seems that the Tungs engage the Mavs if they are the closest threat and no aircraft is nearby. So launching AGM 65D Mavericks at long range will always result in the Tung trying to intercept the missile.
  12. Well here's my overall take on this situation... Many times realism has to be sacraficed for gameplay; I think the game devs clearly had good intentions when they implemented this missile defense capability. They wanted ground attacks to be more challenging and more fun - and hey, it probably is more fun the way it is now. Having said that, however, I think ED overstepped the bounds of plausibly realistic with this new patch. It's just too extreme for the enemy defense to REGULARLY shoot down incoming Maverick missiles. Maybe if it happened 1 out of 50 or 1 out of 10 times even. I've been doin some tests with A10 vs. Tunguska and the results are usually this: at average AI difficulty, the Tung will get a chance to shoot 2 missiles at the Maverick (maverick launched at range). The 1st missile usually misses about 7 out of 10 times, and the second missile hits about 2/3ds of the time. If you up the difficulty level of the Tung, the 1st missile usually hits, and when it happened to miss (only happened once i think), the 2nd missile obliterated it. This was at a setting of 90% missile effectiveness. Anyways, it's just too unrealistic to have this magic missile defense, and even though lock-on never claimed to be ultra -realistic, it's too extreme. So i am really hoping that this might be adressed in the near future, not in a new version of the game (i love every other feature of the 1.11 patch btw), but in a small patch fix. Hopefully, having the SAM crews focusing on targetting aircraft instead of ordnance. Please?? *crosses fingers* :icon_jook P.S. I've tested this some more and the results vary. In some circumstances (locations/positions) the Tung only fires 1 missile at the AGM. I have also seen the Tung miss it's first shot at excellent diff level. One thing is for sure.. the Tung will ALWAYS engage the agm threat if it is the priority (the attack aircraft is well out of range).
  13. Okay, I've got it. from some experimenting around it appears that the AIM 120 is effective only with a higher missile slider setting. I have it at 90 % right now; is there an optimum setting for missile effectiveness? From the previous thread about mavericks being shot down :confused: , I'm a lil hesitant to max out the slider.
  14. Okay thanks for the info. So does that mean the missile goes active when it is about 7nm away from the target? And if so, how can you tell when it is 7 nm away (how many seconds away from initial intercept does it go active)?
  15. Ok just to clarify, from what I understand, the AIM 120 after launch is guided initially by the onboard f15 radar until it reaches a terminal homing phase, and at that point it becomes completely active. I was wondering if that was modeled in the game? Or can I immediately break lock after launch and still expect the missile to find it's way to the target?
  16. Ok I'm relatively new to this game, but I was just wondering if there was a way to tell when the AMRAAM becomes autonomous after launch so that I can break lock? And if there isn't a way, how far away from the target (usually) in terms of seconds does it become active?
  17. and I love it! I don't see much use for it besides playing lock-on but it adds to to the immersion factor a lot. One question; is it possible to decrease the overall length of the Z axis (vector zoom)? At it's current setting, I have to move my head pretty far back to zoom out and really close to zoom in.
  18. no.. i mean the bottom right corner when a target is locked.. so for example you might see (030 24), where 24 is the range to the target.
  19. OK on the bottom right corner of the f15 radar mfd, when a target is locked up, there is the range to target indication. What do the numbers directly to the left of that indicate?
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