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  1. Me 262 is my bet. They would reach a clear milestone with that module.
  2. Hi, I flew three times this mission (in legacy TEW) and I'm getting a crash between WP3 and WP4, shortly after I receive the coordinates from Overlord. I don't know if this campaign is still supported. Thanks.
  3. For me, a non native nor English speaking person, it sounds like a perfect English lord.
  4. Hi again, yesterday I finished this great campaign, many thanks for it and support. In mission #15 my wingman still refused to attack (I used all the orders) so I chose unlimited ammo. After that I run mission #16 and all was OK. Now I am awaiting your next campaign, to be continued...
  5. Kate, could you compensate and tell us which is the "eagerly awaited module"? I'm sorry I had to try it :-)
  6. Thanks for this post, I hope all the ED team be fine.
  7. Hi again, I hope you can give me some hint to have success in this mission. Is it supposed that my wingman fire at the objectives? I gave him orders (attack ground targerts, complete mission and rejoin, etc.) but does not fire. There are many tanks in the column for 12 Vikhrs and I wonder what is the criteria to success. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks a lot!!! I managed to pass this mission. By the way, music is really fabulous.
  9. Hello, in this mission I am always downed by FIM-92 Stingers. My weapons are rockets and I do not know how to approach the targets without receiveing a shot. Does someone has passed this mission? Thanks.
  10. splash

    April Fools!

    Very addictive!!!! Thanks for the easter egg a bit of humour comes in handy.
  11. I am finding very difficult to localise the contacts and most of the times I get disoriented and crash into the ground. Sydy published a video and it demonstrated he is an ace, it even looks easy but it is not.
  12. I finished all training missions and now playing the campaign, but I am stuck in the first mission.
  13. And they could add the ADF frequency to the kneeboard, like in MiG-15. That would help a lot to know what is the exact frequency you tuned.
  14. Congratulations to the winner and thanks to Reflected for offering this gift to us.
  15. I have found the problem for the far/near labels. I was using "English weathered" cockpit and in this cockpit they are interchanged. I changed to "English" and now FAR is to the left and NEAR to the right, what is correct.
  16. I'm using active pause to manipulate it and keybindings doesn't help.
  17. Hi, I am learning this lesson and I have found two possible errors, maybe I did not understand the instructions and it is my fault: - In the beginning, the instructor says: "Below is the mode selector switch for the ARK-5P, with the following modes: OFF, automatic, manual and LOOP...". But the selector has OFF, COMP, ANT and LOOP positions. Automatic=COMP and manual=ANT? - Next, it says: "Next, select which frequency selector knob you are going to use by setting the homing switch in the FAR (left) or NEAR (right) position" and continues saying "Set it in the left-FAR-position". The homing switch in the cockpit has the NEAR position to the left and FAR position to the right. The following messages continue interchanging positions. Thanks for your attention in advance.
  18. Thank you! I'd like to comment a problem in mission 8 Gas tank in E. The two AWACS / EWR that appear does not respond at any time, despite having my radio tuned to Sukhumi's 4.15 frequency (166 Wave number). Anyway I finished that mission without contacting with AWACS.
  19. After several attemps.... surprise, they hit both SAMs. Mission accomplished.
  20. Tried right now and all missiles fall short and miss the target.
  21. This campaign is magnificent. I am right now on mission 8 of MiG-15. I would love to have more content for both the MiG-15 and F-86.
  22. A F-14 campaign is a first day buying and the most awaited one.
  23. My bet is Me262. This is clearly a milestone: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=126712
  24. F-15C is my bet, despite I would prefer some old Russian aircraft.
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