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  1. +1. I'm currently flying Raven One campaign and it is virtually imposible to see any target at night.
  2. You can develop any aircraft you like, after seeing the quality of JF-17 I will buy anything. Altought I would prefer Chinese, Indian, Pakistan aircraft.
  3. Many many thanks for your great explanations, I'm going to study all you explained and try to finish that mission.
  4. Hi, could you please tell me what does it mean this phrase? "Proceed to eighty nine alpha, block ten to thirteen. Keypads eight and nine hot all altitudes. Switch Bowstring on Indigo five" I'm sorry but I don't understand anything. Thanks.
  5. Never had a problem with the updater.
  6. This campaign is great and my main concern is not being able to understand voice messages because English is not my mother tongue.
  7. Many thanks baltic, anyway I bombed the position and mission continued.
  8. Hi, unfortunately I've just flew this mission and there is no Mi-8 in HOTEL waypoint, only some kind of crash site, probably there was some change with 2.7.
  9. I recently upgrade my computer and now I have got 64 Gb RAM and preload radius configured to 100%. This way I can confirm that I have less stuttering when flying.
  10. I would like the missions not to be very long (no more than 1 hour) because my time is limited. I would also like them to be realistic in terms of the number of enemy units, it is not logical that you attack an entire army with a plane as happens in many missions. And that the slightest failure after 1 hour of flight does not cause "mission failed".
  11. Hi, Could you tell me if this campaign is easier than previous one? Thanks.
  12. I was flying the quick start missions and getting minimums of 24-26 in Caucasus and a little more (32-26) over Syria. My resolution is 3840x2160 and graphics card is a 1070. Quite happy by now.
  13. Definitely worth buying it.
  14. I can export my dcs profiles (lua files) if you like. I own the full ch set.
  15. Ok many thanks for your quick answer. I would to like to refly this great campaign after the update.
  16. After updating DCS OpenBeta with latest May 27th patch, documentation for this campaign is missing.
  17. Any Russian/Soviet aircraft like Su-24, Su-25, MiG-27, MiG-29, etc. Mirage 2000D, Sepecat Jaguar, F-104, F-105, etc.
  18. My credit card is ready.
  19. I hope that when it is available you can fly it directly, without preorder.
  20. Yes, it is the same, 3840x2160 (4k). Since the last lock it hasn't happened anymore. One thing I'm doing is removing from time to time "tempMission.lua" generated under ..\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Data and tempMission.miz too as it is reported to be read in the log.
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