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  1. I playee this campaign many years ago and I remember I enjoyed. What campaign is Fortess Mordok?
  2. Thanks for your sincere opinion, I have other campaigns in which AI perform stupid maneouvers and crash into the ground for example. Probably I will end buying it during this sale.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for new F-18 content and I think that this is a good campaign to fly, but there there are many complaints in the forum and I don't know if the campaign is currently enjoyable. What's your opinion? Thanks.
  4. Update for me from Windows 10 Pro.
  5. No problems at all here, 5900X + 64 Gb + GTX 1070.
  6. Hi, could you please tell me some technique to defeat the two Floggers? I tried this mission for 8 or 9 times and I'm always downed by them. Last time I sent my wingman to go pincer right and me to the left, with no luck at all. I'm using Jester and configuring: CMS MODE: MAN(C,F) FLARE MODE: PILOT CMS CONTROL ORDER: CHAFF SINGLE, FLARE SINGLE SET JAMMER XMIT Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Thanks.
  7. I bought the same ones except F-18 campaign.
  8. Ok thanks. I pressed the bind button without filling the serial number.
  9. Hi, is there any chance to add a Jester option to operate the MSL OPTIONS switch in RIO cockpit? thanks.
  10. My problem is that I started the payware campaign and stopped in mission 7 or 8, now I would have to restart the whole campaign from mission 1. I don't know if there are any differences between them.
  11. I'm definitely not happy with this way to proceed from ED. This evening I got that message when started the sim. Nobody will have a serial number for this campaign, so the message should be modified if possible.
  12. Hi, I bought this campaign in 2019 and it worked flawlessly until today (I'm playing DCS everyday), as I started the simulator and it appeared this message. I can't provied a serial number because I did not received any serial number for this product. Is there any solution? Thanks.
  13. I just flew this mission and it is true, F-14s does not engage you. I fired them two AIM-120 (failed both) and two AIM-9s when it was at 4 or 5 miles from them and they were destroyed. After that my wingman splashed by himself into the water and I did not received more communications. I landed in the carrier with 3 kills and a result=80.
  14. Thanks ruprecht, I'm adding all this stuff to a notepad.
  15. More terms: tulip no alibis deathstar, mud, 300, rose cadillac -> SA6 gorilla feet wet who is Knight?
  16. Thank you. The campaign is fantastic, but honestly I am tired of so much terminology that I do not understand.
  17. Hello, I have many problems with terminology in this mission. At the beginning of this mission I received the following message: ".... Playtime zero plus four five. Update code 14C capable". What does it means "Update 14C capable"? I did nothing about it. Another ones: - "no factor" - "tapes on, armstrong" - "5 mikes" -> I suppose it is 5 minutes - "put your pod at lines 4 and 6" -> I did nothing Any help it is very grateful. Thanks.
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