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  1. Ok thanks. I pressed the bind button without filling the serial number.
  2. Hi, is there any chance to add a Jester option to operate the MSL OPTIONS switch in RIO cockpit? thanks.
  3. My problem is that I started the payware campaign and stopped in mission 7 or 8, now I would have to restart the whole campaign from mission 1. I don't know if there are any differences between them.
  4. I'm definitely not happy with this way to proceed from ED. This evening I got that message when started the sim. Nobody will have a serial number for this campaign, so the message should be modified if possible.
  5. Hi, I bought this campaign in 2019 and it worked flawlessly until today (I'm playing DCS everyday), as I started the simulator and it appeared this message. I can't provied a serial number because I did not received any serial number for this product. Is there any solution? Thanks.
  6. I just flew this mission and it is true, F-14s does not engage you. I fired them two AIM-120 (failed both) and two AIM-9s when it was at 4 or 5 miles from them and they were destroyed. After that my wingman splashed by himself into the water and I did not received more communications. I landed in the carrier with 3 kills and a result=80.
  7. Thanks ruprecht, I'm adding all this stuff to a notepad.
  8. More terms: tulip no alibis deathstar, mud, 300, rose cadillac -> SA6 gorilla feet wet who is Knight?
  9. Thank you. The campaign is fantastic, but honestly I am tired of so much terminology that I do not understand.
  10. Hello, I have many problems with terminology in this mission. At the beginning of this mission I received the following message: ".... Playtime zero plus four five. Update code 14C capable". What does it means "Update 14C capable"? I did nothing about it. Another ones: - "no factor" - "tapes on, armstrong" - "5 mikes" -> I suppose it is 5 minutes - "put your pod at lines 4 and 6" -> I did nothing Any help it is very grateful. Thanks.
  11. +1. I'm currently flying Raven One campaign and it is virtually imposible to see any target at night.
  12. You can develop any aircraft you like, after seeing the quality of JF-17 I will buy anything. Altought I would prefer Chinese, Indian, Pakistan aircraft.
  13. Many many thanks for your great explanations, I'm going to study all you explained and try to finish that mission.
  14. Hi, could you please tell me what does it mean this phrase? "Proceed to eighty nine alpha, block ten to thirteen. Keypads eight and nine hot all altitudes. Switch Bowstring on Indigo five" I'm sorry but I don't understand anything. Thanks.
  15. Never had a problem with the updater.
  16. This campaign is great and my main concern is not being able to understand voice messages because English is not my mother tongue.
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