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  1. Hi, I tried this mission lots of time and always miss my first Harm shot. I'm using TOO mode at about 20 miles or so. Could you give me some advice to destroy the SAMs? Thanks.
  2. A MiG-29 in DCS would be a dream come true and and a first day shopping, as it would be a Su-25, Su-27, etc. We have lots of blue aircrafts already.
  3. Is it going to be a payware campaign or free? Nice news indeed.
  4. That was a really big surprise!!! Eagerly awaiting for this aircraft!!! Many thanks.
  5. Those videos are great, I'm currently at mission #6 in F-86 campaign and your videos are a great help too.
  6. Is the fix included in today's patch? EDITED: included in Nov. 18th patch
  7. For me it would be a first day shopping for sure. I trust in Heatblur at 100%.
  8. And why the F-111 is an important milestone? Maybe due to multicrew?
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