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  1. Voted! Please may we also have a poll for rudder pedals:)
  2. @ MilesD Please put me down for a set as well please :thumbup:
  3. Win or lose - I'm buying the lot anyway - but thanks for the kind gesture:pilotfly:
  4. All the previous sales are in the News section on the website: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/ Last year, the DCS Summer Sale was from 05 to 18 June 2014. The next DCS sale after that was 04 to 14 September 2014. However, I seem to remember there being a Steam Summer Sale as well at the end of July.
  5. I have voted for option 2. I like operating the aircraft systems and having a general mess about with all the systems in the cockpit. I also like the combat element, especially ground attack. But most of all, my favourite is getting shot to bits and trying to make it back home with a severely damaged aircraft ,with a lot of systems and maybe even an engine out of action.
  6. DCS Mig-21BIS please. - many thanks for this kind offer :joystick:
  7. Either - it does not matter. (they both work for me and I live in Europe) ......or you can use the module manager within DCS World to download the module for you. I bought the box version of A-10C and the download of Black Shark 2. I ran them as two separate installs, but since DCS World came out, I uninstalled them both and they are now combined within DCS World (using the original keys).
  8. Mine now takes about 4 to 6 minutes to start every time.
  9. OK, thanks for that. A-10C is retail DVD key - use installer file. Ka-50, P-51D and UH-1H are DCS E-shop - use module manager. :thumbup:
  10. Thanks for your reply, By the way, I have not installed anything yet, only Windows so far. So if I understand correctly, I can install just DCS World using the downloaded files, and then all the modules can be activated and downloaded as required from within the module manager?
  11. Sim only :joystick: - that way I don't mind when I crash. (if I crashed in game mode I'd feel like a right chump)
  12. I am doing a complete re-install of Windows + DCS World + Modules. I have downloaded all the DCS World and other individual module files successfully, with the exception of the P-51 module. The P-51 module was downloaded from both the torrent link and the various USA/Germany/Russia mirrors. According to the DCS website, I should get: P-51D_1.2.4.11855_171.exe MD5: 0bf71745ac6fbd8b95b0dee082b2a302 However, I always end up with: P-51D_1.2.4.11855_171.exe MD5: 31c7407fb7aa2f69e377f2396c935042 Now because of the limit on activations, I am reluctant to just try it and see what happen
  13. Bought it today, but as I have a new CPU on its way, I will wait until after fitting the new CPU before activating the Huey.
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