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  1. On FC you also have to approach very close of the tanker/wings to see the basket. :thumbup:
  2. HAuhauhauahau I'm laughing a lot, :thumbup: São Paulo, eh?? I liked this ;)
  3. Tks Virusse, I'm posting on my Online Squad 27º Falcões da Noite. Nice job. See ya
  4. I was about 7 years old and I went to my "City Party" where I saw our Demonstration Team, called "EDA". In Brazilian, "Esquadrilha da Fumaça". (They're really good and last year they were in French.). After this I got a big fan and felt in love for aviation, hahah!!
  5. LOL, Junae, today Chm0d won´t escape. Let's try with less fuel
  6. Ok, but one thing is certain, when russian planes are with low speed, their turn rate is awful, also much easiest to stalling than F-15. Do you agree?
  7. I'm downloading the videos. Tks for those links
  8. Oh my god. As Junae said, this is the best video. All of those Kobras and Ground Attacks, amazing :)
  9. Thanks. I don't know why but I hadn't seen it in our forum. LOL See you
  10. Hey guys :) What's up Junae, or Six? hahahah Where could I find this "Maximum G" movie?? Tks a lot Bye
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