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  1. No problems as far as I remember, added by the new visual effects (unrelated to LO) introduced in the Vista. Overall, good impression.
  2. I did try it several months ago and it ran fine, don't remember the beta/LO version though. However, X45 profile builder graphical app was not supported and crashed every time. Had to assign all buttons through the game Input settings:rolleyes: Good impression though, would have been even better if you had 2 Gigs of memory.
  3. Iron, I have a similar issue with the trigger button, just after installing 1.12a. Now I can blast-launch 2-3 missiles simultaneously:horseback Never had this one before... Would be a neat excuse to get a Cougar instead, but I still can't believe my X45 is dead.
  4. Been using XP-64 since 1.11 became available. NO significant boost in performance, don't expect 60-70 fps where it used to be 30. It will stay 30. Maybe 31. However, the game does not crash now and it's smoother than with the regular XP-32. AND you're gonna have a lot of problems with drivers so watch out.
  5. Currently running 1.11 on WinXP 64-bit. Smoother than the 32-bit XP and crashes MUCH less. Good combination.
  6. Generally, it feels a bit lighter than the regular XP (with all its SPs) and runs FC smoother. Don't expect any dramatic FPS boost though. One serious point - the game does not crash anymore, at least on my PC.
  7. FC 1.11 is compatible with WinXP-64bit. Running smoothly.
  8. I concur. Well done ED, good business.
  9. Thanks for the answer EvilScotsman, the reason I asked was that I'm planning an upgrade for my machine, which is AMD64 +3500, Sapphire X800XL 256mb, 1 Gb 3200 Corsair RAM, and I'm getting 15-25 fps on the ground and 35-50 in the air. Just wondering what to expect from a high-end PC with SLI, Lockon-wise.
  10. EvilScotsman, with a machine like yours I doubt you'll need a performance boost for the next decade.:rolleyes: What kind of frames do you get in max settings anyway?
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