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  1. Any chance you will host one in the US or Oceania? I live in New Zealand so would be awesome to be able to play it with decent ping
  2. Where is the server hosted? Any plans to roll it out across various regions?
  3. I can't select an option in the radial menu for Jester with my mouse and can only use keys. How do you use the mouse to select options?
  4. I have done partial and full (8 minute) alignments. Still not working for me.
  5. Have been trying all day to get the datalink to work with no success. I've tried aligning the plane before turning mids on. Have IFF turned on. Tried setting it to link 16 in the HSD section. Anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
  6. As a New Zealander, I support this message.
  7. So after the latest open beta update I can't play missions with my friends anymore because we can't see each other's servers or connect by IP. Anyone else having the same issue?
  8. Me and a friend recently tried a few air to ground missions in the KA50 in this server. We were constantly being shot down by enemies even though we flew low and destroyed the ground radars/datalink towers. It was then we realised that the spectator view shows all the planes in the server and it occurred to us that it wouldn't be hard to create another account and run DCS on a laptop to show a map of the whole game to see. With that in mind, why does the growling sidewinder server allow people to see all the planes in spectator mode? It seems like this is easily exploited for an advantage and stops people from playing air to ground roles.
  9. One thing that's annoying about labels is that they show through the cockpits which is annoying. Pretty minor issue in the grand scheme of things but would be nice if this didn't happen.
  10. Good to know - thanks. What's the best way to use engine power to get the most out of the plane without it crapping itself?
  11. Just did a mission where I was full throttle at about 30-35 thousand feet the whole time. After about 20 minutes I had a significant decrease in engine power and had the oil and eng exc light come up. Does the engine crap itself if you use high RPM for too long?
  12. Cool man. My steam name is proctoss so feel feel to send me an invite and I'll let you know when me and my friends are playing it. The borders haven't really been an issue for us so I'll leave that for other people to comment. Is there any way to delete the friendly F16s? I had a look in the mission editor but couldn't find them. I'm assuming they are part of some trigger? They aren't really a big problem but it would be cool if I could make a version without them for when I have enough people on to defend the base. Also the game tends to spawn more of them over time which seems to impact server performance.
  13. It was somewhere close to the mountains north of the airfield you spawn at. It was two Su27s heading north west. Also my bad - didn't realise texaco could refuel hornets - I didn't see the fuel lines on the outer pylons.
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