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  1. Exactly. All throttles, with exception of the WinWing one, have way too short lever arms, this is the main reason, why the rail version have so much appeal to me - it is a compromise, between the "desktop size", and realistic handle rotation. The ARC looks to have the throttle levers way to short for my liking. If I can modify it to have them at realistic length - great. If not - rails it is.
  2. The Recovery Tanker is under its own function in MOOSE, like the Rescue Helo: https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS_DEVELOP/Documentation/Ops.RecoveryTanker.html Don't know about the Hawkeye though. EDIT well... HawkyStennis=RECOVERYTANKER:New(UNIT:FindByName("Stennis_AI"), "Hawkeye") HawkyStennis:SetAltitude(20000) HawkyStennis:SetRadio(266) HawkyStennis:Start()
  3. I'm having issues with both this script, and Wrench Carrier Script 1.2. Both work fine when the mission is run on my computer, but once I run it on the server and connect as client - there are no functions under F10, for either LSO or Carrier script. DCS version is current Open Beta (
  4. That is nowhere near what I'm seeing, if you set the playback speed on that video to 1/4th, it still look to run faster than it is on my end. And I'm also talking that empty NTTR map. i7 4790K 32GB DDR3 1070OC SSD Win10 64bit
  5. Is there anything we can do about the performance ? I'm not comparing this tool, to the likes of Garmin Pilot, or ForeFlight, that run very well on tablets. But comparable free, sim-grade Plan-G is running well even on my Asus Transformer Mini tablet. The CombatFlite is lagging, stuttering, and doing coffee breaks whenever any action I want to make, even on my i7-4790K with 32GB of RAM and SSDs. Is there anything that can be done, so it will stop frustrating the heck out of me ? I want to use it, the functionality would be great... but I can create a flight plan for the Viggen by hand, a
  6. Server running on dedicated hardware, port 10308 UDP is forwarded, public IP available, and proved to be working with HTTP, SRS and other servers. The DCS is not visible on the clients list though, and choosing to connect directly results in "address unavailable" message, both with DDNS URL, and IP. When VPN-tunneled to similar network (same ISP, same routing hardware with same configuration) - there is no such problems, and clients can see the server on the list, and connect directly to it.
  7. So, apparently nobody seems to know where are those stutters coming from. i5 4590@3.70 24GB ram GTX1070OC 2xSSD (separate for Win+pagefile, another one has DCS) and I get the stutters - few frame hiccups every 2-3 seconds. VR or non-VR - no difference; Nothing in the game settings changes it; Nothing in the nvidia settings changes it; Newest or older GPU drivers - no difference; Overclocking, running on default, or underclocking the CPU makes no difference; Erasing the game, and installing from scratch - no change;
  8. LAU-3 and LAU-68 loaded with "FFAR" rockets (mk.40 engine assembly) show rockets in launcher tubes. LAU-3 and LAU-68 loaded with "rocket" rockets (mk.66 engine assembly aka. "hydra 70") show no rockets in launcher tubes. Additional problem - LAU-3 now launches a pair of rockets when set to single: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/41767723/DCS/Screen_160821_151448.jpg Right wing "FFAR" rockets, left wing "2.75' rocket" rockets, after single simultaneous release from full launchers.
  9. Until we get more practice, and figure out all the references for different bombing patterns - planning will get you there. For example if your target is protected by Shilkas or ZSU-23, you already know the given profiles are useless. To start practicing and figuring out your sight dope (as we are all doing right now), plan your approach - the easiest profile for that is straight-in High Altitude Dive Bombing (HADB). You need altitude, a Roll-In Point, and previously mentioned Aim-Of-Point, if you have those, you're set for a dive angle without even looking at the attitude indicator! If
  10. Practice stuff : BDU-50LD, BDU-50HD, BDU-33 on MERs. I would also list Mk20 Rockeye, but on the fact that anyone could stick it on that bird and use it without any modifications. I've never seen one flown strapped into F-5.
  11. 4 hours ago I also received 4x "Password change request" emails.
  12. Just being curious I opened the F-86.lua file, and surprisingly one of the first things there is a function for the M3 browning machineguns. It appears that the amount of ammo is correct, next one is "max_burst_length", don;t know why it's set to 150, but it explains why we can't empty the ammo bay in one trigger pull - changed it to 267, and I was able to shoot through whole belt without a hickup. Now the "rates" is interesting, because it's set to 800... like in the P-51D, but in here it doesn't do anything, because there are more lines of code bellow for each gun: As you can see, t
  13. Was checking it both at the air base, and in the air, there's something around 10fps of difference for me between the two, and firing times were in error margin of operating a "stopwatch".
  14. I'm not sure I understand your question. There was no synchronization for those guns, once the guns got signal to fire, they were "spewing lead" till there was no ammo. Only limiting factors would be G pulled on the aircraft, and increased friction on parts that would warm up. For example those guns are still being produced by FN Herstal under the designation M3M with reduced fire rate to 1100RPM, and during testing, once fired continuously running through a 600rounds, the average rate of fire drops to ~1010. Now if you would disable pairs through the weapon selector, it should still tak
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