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  1. Makes sense considering how long it takes to roll stuff out. A 2003 manual being used in 2006 sounds reasonable.
  2. That just shows the Syrian forces don't care what or who they are shooting at...
  3. Thank god they got rid of those WAY over done reflections. Now I can get rid of the mods which corrected the arcade reflection effects we've suffered with.
  4. I haven’t seen anything and suspect our first update will come from Wags as a mini update video.
  5. Alas you still need it (the shader mod), lots of haze and I had to move gamma up to 2.0 Mustang, your shader mod was "magic". Look forward to a 2.7 version when you have a chance.
  6. So basically you're saying "You can't beat stupid", eh? I agree.
  7. Nothing wrong with plinking... However, sounds like high speed rocket attacks maybe the go to for Hind.
  8. Great video, thanks. The lower right sight under the fixed sight looks just like the one in the Su-25A so I would presume there is a laser also available. Which means you can laze for range. All speculation since I don't understand Russian.
  9. I'm in. Be my first module using AI, hope it works well.
  10. KillEmAll88 In order to really mess with your noodle... It will also depend on the date of your mission(s) as well, since there is an annual change to the magnetic variation. Particularly noticeable if you fly in the Normandy / Channel maps during WWII dates (80 years ago) or current dates. Of course the mission makers can set whatever date they wish so you may not come across it that often.
  11. I picked up a "Weaker" spring which works great for me. Do a quick search for "Green Spring video by Sahaj" which is a replacement for the stiff stock spring. Might be an option. Oh, he does stronger springs as well if you want long extensions.
  12. Night AA mission. Definitely JHMCS. Night AG mission. An AV8B-NA
  13. Also, Wags will probably do his mini update videos and the great Chuck Owl will likely have a preliminary guide out shortly after.
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