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  1. Meh. If you have an issue with boresighting or aligning etc. Don’t choose “sim”, opt for “game” that’s why DCS provides the two modes. Seems pretty straightforward. If you have the time/inclination fly the Simulator, you don’t them jump into game.
  2. IIRC, the Mirage has a similar issue. The jammer can overpower it's own radar so you have different settings.
  3. There was an AMA with Wags awhile ago where he said he would like to see the F-5 updated. The scope of the update was not defined so obviously led to a great deal of speculation including aircraft textures. So hopefully, if this comes about we will see a new cockpit.
  4. Sounds like an interesting project but I'm probably too casual of a player to take advantage your guide. However, I imagine there will be some who will be quite appreciative of a more in depth guide so for them I would say carry on.
  5. I presume you ask to gauge the level interest before putting in time and effort. I would not be interested. As noted above, I would rather wait on the official manual from DCS which will accurately reflect the F-16 they have developed. In the meantime Chuck's guide is great.
  6. WIP perhaps. My expectation as a "layman/flight simmer" is that once designated hostile it would stay hostile. That enough checks and cross-checks have been done to confirm the status as hostile otherwise it should have stayed ambiguous.
  7. I noticed that as well. I was waiting for him to comment on why they switch back to ambiguous. I'm sure there will be an explanation along shortly.
  8. Ah, I see. Good luck, sorry I can't assist you with that.
  9. I doubt that there is any support for a version which is about 5 years old. The A-10C and KA-50 are still in the latest version of DCS, can you not update to the supported version?
  10. Walking back and forth between briefing room and aircraft? Get pretty tedious after the second time. Hopefully an option in settings to skip it.
  11. Try this link to Capt Zeen's YouTube video on setting them up. You can also search his name in the forums for his other tweaks. I can send you my OvGME profile for the F-18 if you wish. PM me.
  12. Just to confirm you set FFB in Options. Also check to see if there are any duplicate settings and you are in Sim not arcade mode.
  13. That made me laugh... thanks BuzzU. :thumbup:
  14. I just popped on and did a quick landing. Chute works fine. I'm on OB so that may not help if you are on Stable. Double check your control setting. I've assigned it to a button on my HOTAS so don't have to use a mouse during landing.
  15. I had to adjust my throttle to a 7 curve to match 100% power at the detent. Then pushing through the detent it kicked into AB. I would imagine each Warthog maybe a bit different (wear and tear, etc) so try a 6 or 8 to get to 99 or 100% at the detent.
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