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  1. Thanks to both of you, too bad though it reduces the number of flyable missions...at least as published on DCS... wonder if there's another database somewhere people save DCS and FC3 stuff?
  2. Sorry if it sounds like a naive question, but i've been having mission glitches lately and I thought this might be the first question to ask. When looking for single missions on DCS website's User Files, there is a filter option to choose between these two separate games. So would a mission under the A-10C game also work under DCS: World as long as I had the A-10c module installed?
  3. Excellent resource mejh. You definitely did your homework on this one. I need to explore World's file structure a lot more. But it's been all I can do at the moment stumbling through mission design beyond what the manual tells you, through trial and error. Thanks for your post... now all I need to do is adjust the total score and add in a custom score. The auto scoring system will do all the rest. Problem solved!:pilotfly:
  4. For goodness sakes, if you want the definitive guide to CAS tactics, you won't find better than this. Declassified NATO document. TACTICS, TECHNIQUES AND PROCEDURES FOR CLOSE AIR SUPPORT OPERATIONS - ATP-63 (AJP-
  5. I modified the stock A-10c mission "Shooting Gallery" and added a point scoring system based not only on how many target groups the player kills, but how fast they kill them. If they get all of the ground target groups, 75 points should be scored. How much of the remaining 25 points they earn depends on the time elapsed from when they first enter a "timer" trigger zone, to the time that all ground targets are destroyed. There are five time tiers with the following point allocation: <27 minutes: 25 points 27-32 minutes: 21 points 33-39 minutes: 14 points 40-45 minutes: 7 points >45 minutes: 0 points So far what's been happening is I finish the mission having killed the targets and finishing within the 33-39 minute range without wingman help, yet the scores I receive are ridiculous numbers like 119 and 211. Somewhere there is some recursive counting going on, but I haven't been able to find it. There are only 2 flags, one of which increases in value. Should be pretty simple. :) Pick 'em Off (live-fire CCM).miz
  6. What I'd like to do here is have my transport MAZ trucks arrive into a trigger zone, and once there, a container appears (container as in the rectangular ones trucks carry). That way it sort of looks like the MAZ has unloaded its cargo. But you can't use triggered actions with static objects, so is there a way a lua script might work? If so, could someone help me with its syntax?
  7. Thanks Speed. While I haven't noticed the capability of actually opening 2 instances of the ME and minimizing one, what I have started doing is when I'm done working on a mission and want to test it, I simply save it and exit the ME entirely, then open the mission from the "Mission" link. Trying to save a few seconds by running the simulation from within the ME, then coming back to it and making more edits is what has been getting me into trouble. Also I am following your suggestion of making incremental saves under new mission names. So practicing these two habits, I'll be very surprised if I lose any work ever again.
  8. I've searched and so far can't find a solution here. What has been happening is when I open a mission I've been building, work on it some more, then re-save it... after a certain number of re-saves things start to go wrong. For example, recently I added a few new units next to a building, and when I want to test the mission, I hit the "fly" button and when prompted if I want to save changes, I often hit "NO", since when I quit the simulation it just goes back to the editor. Sometimes I find that hitting the save button a few times in a row works, but not always. The last time I did this and exited the mission editor, upon opening the mission editor again I found that all my new progress wasn't saved, and instead I got an earlier version. So all my work was lost and this of course is very frustrating. What should I do? Save the mission under a different name every so often? Select "yes" when prompted if I want to save changes before a test flight, even though I might later want to discard those changes? Some other trick?
  9. Thank you Bagher. It seems I started out with pretty large images... I mean screen shots get saved at greater than 2000x 1600 or close to that. I think my stinking version of PSP is the problem, so I'm going with your suggestion and trying Ifranview.
  10. I'm taking screenshots of the flight plan and target areas for my missions, then using PhotoShop to add arrows and highlights where I see necessary, such as SEAD and CAP cover. The problem is that when I resize the images to 516x516 (or whatever the value is supposed to be), the arrows and lettering always appear scrunched and very hard to read. This happens whether I use "smart resizing", keeping the photo's aspect ratio, or hard resizing to the square 516x516 format. One problem I might be having is that I'm using an old version, PSP 7.0, a 32-bit application. This can't possibly be the problem, can it? Can anyone suggest how to produce crisp, readable images even after resizing?
  11. Thanks folks...especially Grimes who has answered many a question I've previously posted. It's not that it took me a year and a half out of difficulty, it's just that I'm gone a lot and can't play that often. I fly a Citation X for a private business in Washington State. No military experience whatsoever. But I'm also a perfectionist a little... so when I join your squadron, I'll be a hell of a wingman!
  12. I answered my own question... I've been hitting the NAV button too soon.
  13. I combed the other threads on this issue and I still don't know what the issue is. I don't seem to have had this issue until I started designing my own missions. I start on the ramp at Krymsk. I've got a CBU-105 and a GBU-38. The first thing I do upon getting ground power is warm up CAOC, CICU, and the EGI/INS via the AAP panel, so that it can align while I start APU, engines, etc. One thing I noticed when I got my new HOTAS sticks is they weren't 100% calibrated, so that even in their full idle positions the engines were still a little above idle power. As a civilian pilot in the RW, one thing I know is that if you move the aircraft even the slightest bit...even bump the console during alignment... that's enough to have to start over. But I corrected the calibration and I know the plane isn't moving. I select NAV on the CDU align page after the asterik is shown... but I notice the time readout freezes at and never reaches Am I hitting the NAV button too soon?
  14. I've spent the last year and a half learning the DCS A-10c and her systems, flying other's missions, creating my own missions, and now I think I've reached a level of proficiency that I'm ready to try it. Can someone suggest the best way to start? I do see a list of servers and squadrons on this page, but I'm wondering where the best place might be for beginners. Also, will I need any additional client software? Thanks.
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