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  1. nice pictures :thumbup: love the old A-7E Corsair II it's awesome plane :pilotfly:
  2. awesome picture m8 .... thanks for sharing them with us :thumbup:
  3. Love your setup ...... nice laptops i have one just like the white one you got .... Anyway nice setup :thumbup:
  4. Nicely done m8 :thumbup:
  5. That’s cool It must have been quite a hard job to get it out from there ……. I love those old tanks. Thanks for the link :thumbup:
  6. Thanks for the help :yawn::yawn: just made one my self, now i have for all the planes... sweet...:joystick:
  7. I have search :pilotfly: the forum but it doesn’t seem that i can find any “F-16 templates” So if any one has one please, can you make it available I need one bad, just a clean template or something you have already done doesn’t matter as long it’s a PSD “photoshop” file. It should be a PSD file Photoshop file for the entire plane. Hope some one can help….. Thanks PS. I have searched other places to, like lockonskins and so on but didn’t find any. :helpsmilie:
  8. hey thanks for the reply, but it was me that just forgot somthing :music_whistling: hehe it's working fine now :) thanks.:thumbup:
  9. 2 questions Hey all :helpsmilie: As you can see I’m new to this game and forum ”but i love this game now” 2 questions 1. What version of lock on does it work on ??? …… please 2. How do you install / use it ?? …… please Sorry I am new to this, but it looks so cool. So if some one could guide me in the right direction. Thanks :pilotfly:
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