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  1. Well yes, in actual fact I am. But as far as riots are concerned, I'm simply fishing for opinions. If folks wish to riot, it's up to them.
  2. Would it not be feasible for ED to allow backers of the initial (and now ancient) Normandy proposal to take the Mosquito in lieu of the 262, so we could finally lay that spectre to rest? I know that I'd happily accept it all as done and dusted with that gesture, being one of those now ageing few.....
  3. Thanks! Yep, I know about the skins, already got some. Just have to pretend it's a GR9... Funnily enough, I had a freeware Goshawk for FSX a few years ago, which looked and flew fantastically well. I'll look into it. Cheers ears.
  4. In England, we call it 'Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth'. Something to do with getting a free horse and then complaining about the state of its teeth, I think. Someone gives one something for nothing, and all one can do is complain about the details. Sheesh.
  5. These sort of threads make me sad. I've just upgraded my PC to 12Gb RAM and a GTX 1080, which is already 5yrs old, and updated DCS to download the Marianas. I can go sight-seeing in my Harrier on the 'high' preset graphics settings quite comfortably. ED have given us a free map with an immense amount of detail, down to washing drying on the washing lines, and plant-pots with plants in them. In a flight simulator. What do we hear? 'Oh no, my FPS, boo-hoo, sob-sob, how dare they??'. Deary me. The Marianas map is fantastic. I'd like some fish in the sea though.....
  6. Haha! Of course. But a Buccaneer brings carrier ops into the frame.
  7. Thanks. I'm fond of straight answers. I've been away from DCS for a few years, including the forums, so forgive my ignorance. I don't really mind having lost the module as it was, but as a Brit, for me there's a big hole in the aircraft presented in DCS. Even the Harrier is presented as a US variant. Ah well. Maybe someone will produce a Buccaneer at some point.
  8. Thankyou my friend. Not an easy fix then. Thanks for the link.
  9. I've been away from DCS for about 5yrs or so. I celebrated upgrading my computer by purchasing the Harrier. I've also read the threads about blurred texts on the displays which date back to Jan/Feb, with a threat to delete any new threads on the topic. Even zoomed in on the game and leaning forward with my trackIR, the text is indistinct and blurred. Even with my pensioner's reading glasses on. Has there been any progress please?
  10. I just made a huge mistake. I uninstalled v1.5 because I updated my pc. Now I find I have no Hawk. Couldn't someone somewhere pick up the unfinished module and do something with it? I have no idea how the business side of software works, but it seems such a waste.
  11. My PC couldn't cope with v2.0. It barely coped with v1.5. So I carried on just occasionally flying the A-10, and trying to remember where everything was and how it worked. Now I've upgraded my PC and it's like some sort of 'Road to Damascus' epiphany. In-flight refuelling in the Su-33? Carrier Landings? Without the stutters and frame-rate issues, it's like I'm there. I flew the 'Free Flight' over Normandy in the P-47, with the clouds and the smoke and the landing craft, then rose above the clouds and bumped into a whole squadron of Spits. It sent chills down my spine. In a good way. Just fantastic fellas. Thanks.
  12. Thankyou Sir, That did the trick, once I'd found the correct folder. Once I'd saved the proper settings, I restored the file from the bin, although for some strange reason I had to rename it, as the process had altered the file name. No problem. Thanks again.
  13. Hello everyone, I've inadvertently saved a setting of 'Camera+LMFCD' on my settings menu. Consequently I have half a screen, and can't revert because the 'ok' button no longer appears. Is it possible to manually edit a file to get me out of this mess, or a simpler workaround? Thanks, Screenshot below.
  14. I'm still waiting for my 262 and my P-47. Slowlee slowlee catchee monkee....... I want a DH92 NFMkXVIII and I want it now. Who's with me??
  15. I remember this concept from the early days of Oleg Maddox' Cliffs of Dover. He posted a vid of a global map, zooming in on the local theatre. Very exciting stuff. Can't find the link, for some reason. Anything is possible I suppose. Its simply a question of return on investment. Lots of money raised and then spent on development. Witness 'Star Citizen', or better known as the 'Never Ending Story'. How many people across the globe would spend the amount of money required to purchase a home computer capable of delivering the full experience? Only a few. And there hangs the tale.....
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