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  1. thats what i do after flying the f15 vs a mig int he hills lol:D
  2. my personal opinion is that it is quite stupid to make a video of such this incident. It is some guy just trying to make money off a tragic event. cheer for him
  3. Well.... I suppose I might have gotten my callsign, guppy, from janes f-18. At first I always landed short of the carrier and crashed in the water, so naturally i was nicknamed guppy for my love of the water... heheh:joystick:
  4. hey there swartz!!! you be nice! lmao i rock at landing on the carrier:pilotfly:
  5. I was cracking my butt off with this: http://www.pavloff.net/simfun/f18land.html
  6. lol, makes me wish i never sold all my legos (50 pounds worth) on ebay... guy has some great models. hopefully one of these can be flyable in LO for shits and giggles. lol:icon_supe
  7. http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/8195 amazing lil stuff hehe, hes got other lego model links to the left ka-50 is included
  8. Yeah, totally agree. And I do have a good very good profile for my x-52 in tws, im adjusting elevation ever so often to make sure I dont lose lock... however, it fails tbh, 9 times outta 10. And yeah, the amraam is crap. They really need to fix these things. TBH I would rather have black shark delayed a couple more months to get this workign as it should be.
  9. Oops! got so caught up in the argument forgot to end with... Thanks again you guys for the wonderous stats page. it is awesome and took a lot of hard work.... thanks again!!
  10. Agreed, and to note: There is a few clear problems with the Mig-29 vs the F15. 1 problem is the fact that you won't see a mig-29 in this game until it is too late. Now dont take this out of context. This is'nt an element based on skill, but infact how the game is made. Migs in this game cannot be seen unless your about 2 miles away. What this does, is it allows the mig to hide in the weeds looking for a f-15 or any other jet at about 18 miles away!(nose cold, looking visually) Now you will probably bring on the fact that the f-15 radar is superior to that of the mig, and you should be
  11. table saw would work perfectly for cutting the wood... since the pvc is only 1" u can but these cutting pliers (w/e it is) that u measure out the length make a like... and cut it.... worked awesome for me! its really simple to make the directions are all in colts link. i did his measurements and they didnt work for me. So i had to cut off the bottoms at a length that worked for me then i rebuilt the bottom. I actually have my throttle sitting about 4 inches (i think) lower then my stick because its more comfortable.... to me it was all about getting the sticks off the desk and having comf
  12. got them from homedepot besides the cutter i had to get for the pvc cost me just under 40 bucks
  13. oh by the way colt, i didnt know if you knew this.... but the x52 has holes on the base of the throttle and stick, i got them actually screwed into the base! They are solid as hell!
  14. yeah, although mine was close to 40 bucks, I had to buy some pvc cutting tools, plus i'm the type to order too much of something because im afraid i wont have enough, so i bought a very large piece of plywood, lol.
  15. got the idea from colt... thanks for your post! either way, this setup rocks for me now! post yours!
  16. screw that, add F-18 Super hornet so we can have carrier wars :)... mmmmm carrier wars
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