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  1. I made some close up pictures of an A-10 on an Airshow. I should have covered almost every angle. Maybe you can use them: klick
  2. That's a great skin Merlin. I didn't have the time to create a nice one myself, but hell, that is exactly the kind of thing we have this great community (including amazing texture artists) for ;) I really need to look into those shadow problems, though and I've got to send Walmis the model. Maybe next weekend I'll take the time to get this done. so long, Tatti
  3. Hi there, I'll try to recreate and fix that problem as soon as I have some time on my hands, Matze81. Thanks for informing me. to Walmis: I'll send you a pm with a download link of the .max file asap. to PFMM: Thanks for trying to fix the shadow issue. At the moment I think the problem occurs, when using a specific graphics driver / graphics card combination. regards, Tatti
  4. Hmmm.. I really have no idea what might cause this problem and unfortunately I am unable to recreate it on my side. But I guess if it is only appearing in the loadout screen and not ingame, it's not that big of a problem. I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me a hint on this one, though. regards, Tatti
  5. Looks like you have shadow problems, Walmis. Did you try the appropriate version?
  6. Hi, for all of you who want more specularity (shininess) on the fuel tanks, here you go: CFT V1.1 - without shadow fix - recommended: http://tattinet.ath.cx/lomac/cft/CFT_TattiV11-noshdw.zip CFT V1.1 - with shadow fix - download if you have shadow issues: http://tattinet.ath.cx/lomac/cft/CFT_TattiV11-shdwfix.zip regards, Tatti
  7. As I already stated when announcing the shadow fix you should ONLY download and install the special fixed version IF you have shadow problems with the normal, previous version of the model. Walmis, thanks for fixing the positioning issue on your side - that made another two versions of the model unnecessary. More Versions would have added to the confusion. I will add some specularity to the model at the weekend. Keep up the great work. regards, Tatti
  8. Tatti

    F-15 Release

    Awesome work. Btw, UV Mapping is really a bitch. I am deeply impressed that you were able to make the old skins fit almost perfectly. Keep it up! regards, Tatti
  9. I will make a corrected Version for Walmis' F-15 at the weekend. regards, Tatti
  10. The self shadowing is propably for the active object only I guess, although I do not know it for sure, because I have turned it off. If you are not using self shadowing and are not experiencing any problems with the old version then keep the old one. I've get an Nvidia Geforce7800GT and it's running fine with the previous version of the model ( self shadowing turned off ). Furthermore I didn't notice any kind of FPS drop - running at 30 fps smoothly. This obviously changes when there are 12+ planes simultaneously next to each other on the screen. But this happens to me without the fuel tanks,
  11. fixed materials Usually when I say I'll do it when I have time it means I'll do it two weeks after never. Taking that into consideration I fixed it faster than I'd have thought. Seriously now, I set all materials to standart and edited the F15-PTB.skins File accordingly. However I noticed no problems on my machine using the old release with per pixel specular lighting. Normally I've shadow self cast turned off, but for experimental purposes I turned it on and everything seemed to look as intended. Maybe the issue is connected with specific graphic cards / video drivers. I'm using an Nvidia
  12. Tatti

    Project F-15

    This is awesome work. Keep it up!
  13. Sorry for keeping you waiting, but I have currently a lot of stuff on my mind in rL. However I'll correct the material issue as soon as possible. Concerning the F-15C model I already started but the model isn't optimized, there is no damage model, it is not animated and also not unwrapped for use with old F-15C skins. I'll be very busy until June 2007, so I propably won't have time to complete the model in the next months. But as you most likely know Walmis has started working on the F-15C model and his progress looks amazing. So there is a lot of hope for you F-15 Pilots. regards, Tatti
  14. Thanks, didn't see that one before.
  15. Hey knellknell, the model & texture are looking great. May I ask how you solved the problem? Maybe someone else is having a similiar issue.
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