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  1. @BIGNEWY; so from all the helpful suggestions posted in this section, thís wish gets a response from ED? Seriously? (Excuse my frustration, but sometimes I wonder why I even bother to try and help/improve DCS)
  2. Yes, its a nice "mod" Still, I hope the core game brightness gets improved at some point, so that we don't need to download and maintain user made improvements* (which can also cause errors, glitches and other shenanigans within DCS) *with all do respect to your great work @Mustang
  3. This sub-forum would clutter fast if everybody starts to sell their random stuff here.. I know the link to the sale forum rules is broken for a while now and I wish you all the luck, but this belongs on Ebay and not on a flightsim related sales forum.
  4. Just flew my first proper session on this server. There were 8 people actually in there! (the most I've even seen since I first checked about 2 weeks ago) Very cool what you created here @Multiplayer team I did firefighting and rescued some poor souls from certain death Good to hear you are working on a Syria version. Syria is excellent for helo OPS! Two bits of feedback/food for thought: I endlessly tried to rescue folks that were trapped in the woods. I made sure my rope was long enough and hovered over them for over a minute (accordin
  5. Same here. I really love helo OPS in DCS (especially with the new Syria map) However, I will probably not buy 3 new modules at around the same time.. So whichever gets released first, I'll purchase that one and expect to stick with that module for several months before purchasing the next (with the few DCS hours I have available per week, the learning process takes a long time). I'll most probably even wait for the other modules to come on sale.. So for me, this is like a chopper release race.. I wonder which one will win
  6. This video from @Growling Sidewinder indeed excellently shows the problem. A problem that can't simply be solved with gamma reduction. Let's hope 2.7 will bring some improvements
  7. Both great ideas So far I've only build one mission with 100+ triggers, but indeed it's a pain to keep the list tidy. Next time, post it in the ME wishlist subforum here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/816-mission-editor-wish-list/
  8. Thanks for all replies It assures me to see I'm not the only one having these issues. At least that rules out me having messed up some VAICOM setting. Next time I'll make sure to just delete the export.lua before starting up DCS after an update.
  9. Thank you for informing us. And by now, I understand ED (@Bignewy) is doing community management. Also, I assume you mean that all bug reports are listed and tagged internally at Ugra, because here on the bugs-forum only very few bug reports are tagged.. (some of which were first reported around Syria map release) Anyway, I still have trust in Ugra
  10. I can't recall.. Hence my question (I might just as wel have seen an assumption from a community member) Really hope the price will be around the price for, let's say, a TM Warthog throttle.. However, I've been around long enough to expect the price will at least be double or even triple that...
  11. I know, the obvious, but did you try and do a DCS cleanup/repair?
  12. Just tested and they're all still present on my end. Well, obviously I'm not sure what mods you are running, but the core DCS modules are all showing up. Note that the Mirage is to be found as: M-2000C (not Mirage)
  13. Yes, exactly what I encountered as well.. Although most servers provide a great platform for fixed wing OPS, it's kinda annoying to do 2x20nm Huey trips in order to unpack 1 CLTD Hmmwv crate, just to find out it doesn't have any waypoints assigned to it.. and just stand there until it decays out of boredom.. Or find out that all available target areas include at least one SA-15 or SA-19.. I know I know.. I can just create my own server and I'm in no position to complain or anything. I was just wondering if there is some sort of secret rotorheads MP society I don't know
  14. I've been exploring MP the past couple of weeks (usually only play SP, but I thought: hey, lets go totally crazy and try MP again ) I was wondering. Are there any active servers out there, with focus on helo OPS? I'm having a hard time finding any. Or are choppers really that unpopular within the MP community?
  15. Wow, that's some next level necro'ing there @Vantskruv, opening up an eight year old thread Valid point though. Would be great to see the wipers actually wipe something. Right now they look just like my car wipers (that somehow never seem to properly wipe when I need 'em to )
  16. Looking good Miles although, if handled with care, v1 was also great Sorry if this was posted already in this thread (haven't checked it for a while), but someone on another forum notified me on a solution to the annoying multiple virtual monitors, that Windows 10 ever so kindly introduced to us about a year ago... https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/enthusiast-guide/using-microsoft-edge#monitor-and-input-handling-issues It does concern some reg editing, but it's nothing fancy. The guy posting the link said it may even g
  17. ah! Strange why Windows didn't find those... (I probably messed up though ) Thanks again Flappie
  18. So many great ideas here to improve mission editing, yet the new ME wishlist sub-forum stays dead silent C'mon guys, let's join forces and try and get ED's attention by posting in the new wishlist section. I know I'm not the only one screaming for and "undo" and "box select" option
  19. Posted before in the general wishlist section, but as with most ideas posted there, it probably fell off the radar.. I'm hoping for more luck here If possible I like to see these options added to the ME: 1) The ability to place a moving zone offset to its assigned unit (right now a moving zone always centers on the selected unit) This could create new trigger options. For instance a trigger once the player forms up specifically on the left wing of a tanker (as can be seen in my screenshot) 2) The ability
  20. Not much of a problem, but not sure where else to put this... I moved my entire DCS folder to a new SSD, run the repair and manually fixed all broken shortcuts. Just tested and all seems to be working fine! However, in the moving process, somehow the DCS icon got lost and I can't seem to find it anywhere. My desktop DCS shortcut now shows up as a default Windows program icon. Can someone point me out where to find the DCS.ico file?
  21. Thanks for sharing AUS_Heracles So far I've been using Skatezilla's DCS utility, but (for me) this is easier to use.
  22. Did VIRPIL already mention a price range for these goodies? I'm pretty sure I've seen them post expected costs (which made me fall out of my chair by the way) But I can't find it anywhere now, also not on the VIRPIL website (maybe I just fell out of my chair in a dream and in real life, one doesn't have to sell a limb in order to get money for one of these )
  23. Sorry if this question has been answered somewhere in the 41 pages of this thread, or if I'm in the wrong place.. But I have a question about transporting ground units with CTLD. I've been playing around lately with the CTLD options in one of the MP PVE servers (server: 4YA Syria something something.. ) I noticed that when I insert ground troops (anti tank squad for instance), they start moving towards a certain position on the map. (I assume this location is somehow set by the mission creator). Once I know where they move to, I can decide where to drop them off in orde
  24. The automatic bumping is also annoying to those of us that want to keep improving their missions after getting feedback, but don't want to irritate others by automatically bumping their user files.. (personally I don't take much notice to the front page by the way. As said above, first thing I do is activate filters)
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