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  1. We hear your frustration and everyone with a little DCS singleplayer experience will agree with you that AI needs to be massively improved (imho, AI in IL2 isn't much better by the way ). Luckily ED has let us know that it's on their to-do list. But as you might understand, that's a long list and improving AI will be time consuming, so don't expect any wonders soon. In the meanwhile you could maybe check if the wingmen in your mission are set to "ace" at least. (if you don't know how to do that, just let us know)
  2. That would be very helpful indeed and save us a lot of trial and error time
  3. Alt-Y only changes the coordinate values, it does not change the ruler to km's. Something that is useful for instance for the Hip (and soon the Hind) with their doppler systems
  4. Yes, WMR beta too I'll try and give the non beta versions a go if I get the chance tomorrow.
  5. I'm from The Netherlands.... As I said before.. you are making a fool of yourself and on top of that, you completely hijacked and derailed this thread.. And again, in an attempt to get this thread back on track, to the OP: Good idea to have an easy switch option on the F10 map between imperial and metric units
  6. Many of us here will agree that the metric system is easier to use, but this rambling about "absurd absurd Americans" by someone who isn't even capable or doesn't care to learn English, annoys me (to put it mildly). Not even talking about how he's completely changing the OP's subject/wish
  7. Kind suggestion @Xilon_x: stop your nonsense, you're making a complete fool out of yourself. Back on topic: It would indeed be useful if we could switch between imperial and metric from within the F10 map
  8. Ah, sorry, missed that
  9. You'd miss out on the pre-release discount that way
  10. Sorry as this is not fully DCS related, but is anyone else experiencing a lot of SteamVR crashes lately? I'm using WMR + SteamVR (beta version 1.18.1) for my Reverb G1 and both in DCS and IL-2, SteamVR is constantly crashing. Sometimes on missions start, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after 1 hour, but anyhow.. it crashes a lot. Was wondering if more people have this issue and if I should investigate or juist wait for a SteamVR fix
  11. I would be extremely surprised if this were to be the case... but then again, happy to be proven wrong
  12. Yes, great news for newcomers! I hope for ED that this will attract more buyers Not really spectacular news for those of us who already have pretty much all modules.. but hey.. Beggars can't be choosers
  13. Ah ok, I mussed have missed those announcement videos in the past then
  14. I know about the periodically free trials in the recent past, but this has never been announced in a "live" video before, so I kinda expect more spectacular news tbh.
  15. Sorry for my ignorance, but you guys are speculating about this, right? I too wonder what we can expect.. Title says: "NEW FREE TO PLAY PROGRAM AND STABLE RELEASE" "New free to play program" -> A new free to play concept? Really curious about what they are going to change there. "Stable release" -> I suppose this will just be the 'official' 2.7 rollout for stable version 2 more hours and we'll know
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