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  1. Sorry if asked before, but will "our" Hind be capable of doing sling load transport?
  2. No idea why I didn't think of this before starting this thread..... Started up DCS yesterday while I forgot to start VAICOM and the sling load audio communications were back to normal.. So to answer my own question: Yes, it's VoiceAttack/VAICOM that messes up the sling load audio
  3. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314485/ For those interested, I converted my F-16C version of this mission to the F/A-18C OBJECTIVE PACKAGE: CHEVY 2 is tasked to fly CAS over the city of Homs (Bullseye) - CHEVY 21 Lead (a/c 407) (player) - CHEVY 22 Wing (a/c 427) HAMMER 6 is tasked with SEAD over city of Hama (approx. 25nm North bullseye) - HAMMER 61 Lead (a/c 403) - HAMMER 62 Wing (a/c 833 SUPPORT: CHALICE 5 is active GCI SHELL 1 is active tanker (approx. 60nm north bullseye) DIVERT: Hatay airpor
  4. When picking up cargo, I get a nonstop spam of "take-tension-take-tension-take-tension-take-tension....etc" (so without any pauses in between). As soon as the line is tight, I get the "the line is tight" message, followed by "load is hanging stead..." and then the audio seems cut off. Also, I don't get the "take it away" audio no more.. No sure since when I have this issue... Might be introduced with the latest OB update, or it is introduced because I use VA-VAICOM since a few weeks. Anyone else having this? Or is it just me (in which case it probably has to
  5. In contradiction to what my earlier post indicates, I'm not so much interested in seeing landmarks (the overall quality of landmarks within DCS is too poor anyways), but I wanted to indicate the contrast between DCS Georgia and real life Georgia and that we could use some more variety. All villages in our Caucasus map look grey and dull, while irl some of them have lots of colour and more modern buildings Also, the rural villages (especially in the mountains) currently aren't properly fit for helo ops. Mostly due to the slopes these building look ridiculous when you come clos
  6. All potential troubles aside (deviding the MP community would be the main one), this is a wish thread and with that in mind I'd also say, Caucasus deserves an overhaul (if done right, I'd gladly pay for it). Large areas of Georgia are insanely beautiful and there are lots of eye catching landmarks that deserve to be in DCS. To name a few: (Katskhi pillar) (Ananuri monestary (allthough maybe just outside our map boundery)) (Batumi skyline) (Tbilisi) (mountain villages)
  7. +1 And in addition: BAE Nimrod Vickers VC-10 Harrier GR3 Blackburn Buccaneer Westland choppers (Lynx and Seaking!) Dassault Super-Étendard Dassault Mirage F1 Saab Draken (I know, it should be coming :)) Fokker F-27 C-160 Transal CN-235 Agusta choppers (A109, A129) I know... But hey... It's the wishlist!
  8. I found the attached list helpful for one of my own missions. (Obviously had to create my own communication audio files) Would indeed be nice to eventually see ED add a bit more callsign variations Callsigns.pdf
  9. Give the mission editor a try. Just adding a few fighters to create an air combat scenario is really easy. Like literally 1 minute work. Of course if you want more complex missions, it needs some more effort. Or you could just visit the user files section on ED's main website and download some missions there
  10. Excuse my ignorance, but what Cougar part am I looking at here? (Range Knob?)
  11. Been over a month since the last weekly screenshot... just saying...
  12. I hope you are right! But, assuming 2.7 will also come with new weather system (and maybe even new and improved lighting?) I'm afraid in the end it'll still cause more strain on my pc.. But you're right, I won't be upgrading beforehand. If it's not needed I'll have the money available for other goodies But we're diverting from the thread topic
  13. DCS World 2.7? (Soon as I saw that 2.7 is "just around the corner" I decided on saving money for a GPU upgrade )
  14. It's just one of those civil traffic ships They move, so I can't give coordinates
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