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  1. Hi. I have updated my graph. drivers some days ago. Finally on my weekend I took my stick to do some flying... I have discovered this on my graphics: Can anyone tell me how can I fix this, wich settings do you think need to be modified?
  2. I think it is related exacty with my previous post about paths. May be you are looking at the files located in /programs files, but the files being used are in the path I previously described
  3. I would like to bring some light here. I have been reading the tweak guide. After reading, I tried to change the parameters described... no results. After looking around, I realiced that FC2, at least mine, was not useing those files: it wasn't useing the described .lua or graphics files described... not the ones located at the usual paths in the programs files folders. Instead of that, my FC2 installation, done under an username with administrative rights under win7 64 bits, is useing the config files located under C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics It seems the installation created this directory. The program uses the config files under PROGRAM FILES directory ONLY if you specifically run FC2 as administrator (right click menu) Hope this help some people.
  4. Ok... yeap, not a pretty story. But that topic speaks about transparency being observerd throught the shikval system. Im talking about transparency being observed from the pilot looking in the cookpit. Since I can see you have done quite a nice job about these parameters, what values would you recommend me for spoting a collumn of vehicules from my su33 cockpit at a distance of maybe 6 km?
  5. great! It works now! So, latest version of trackirfixer doesn't work, if somebody is haveing the same issue, you have to use the version that cracks newinput.dll file
  6. This tweak guide has helped me a lot, really, a lot of thanks. I have notice somenthing> I has been more difficult to spot for example, columns of military vehicules. As an example, the su33 mission called a far beach, where you are suposed to atacks a column of militar vehicules, I aproach where they are supose to be, but I don't see them till Im 2k or 3k meters away. Of course at that distance I can't properly align to bomb them, and worst, I start receiving shots from the self propeled armoured vehicules. Can you tell me wich graphical setting affects how well you can see vehicules? O noticed that the vhicules at the described distance seems to be a little transparent.
  7. I have tried to find the answer in the forum and I couldn't. Would be much trouble for you to give me the details how you did it?
  8. Hi. I have been looking around about useing freetrack with FC2. I have installed it but it daesn't work. Somewhere in the forum I read that that problem is that freetrack is 32 bit sotware, and I have win 7 64 bits. I found a wrapper made for A10 sim, but definitly I don't know it it can be used for FC2. has anybody been able to use freetrack under win 7 64 bits? If yes please explain how. Useinf trackirfixer doesn't worked either
  9. Wishes: 1.- Missiles corrections: fm, characteristics, improved sensors 2.- Radar corrections Just these 2 things, there would be more, but these 2 would be graet to see them in the patch
  10. Deadzones are use to avoid little unwanted movements caused by the joystick in the case it has too much sensitivity. I don´t have the english word but I will try to say it this way: suposed you stick is very soft or you touch it with just your little finger and the sticks moves just 2 milimeters, and that little movement will make your plane to respond... you don´t want such a behaviour while flying because it will drive you crazy (you want soft movements and to have control and sensitivity, to much sensitivity liske this situation will give just the oposity) So, with deadzones you can tell FC how much movement of your stick "ignore" till start to respond. I hope you understand me
  11. not only a2a... This 10m limit where no tracking seems good to catch you is not only present in a2a missiles. If any boat or exaple shoot you any kind of missile, and suddenly goe down 9 meter, the tracking is lost. If you fly all the time at 9 meters, you can go directly to any sea anemy (vinson, ticonderoga, you name it) and they will shoot you missiles... just to see them auto destroyed a second later.
  12. Don´t think so in real life. If you read what Ironhand has answered, the real life emplacements of AAA is much more complete of what usually mission designer here in the sim are used to set up. There is an excellent PDF document on escuadron de san andres´website were it is descibed what ironhand says in muy more detailed, for those interested in good ground defense systems emplacements
  13. Somebody would have to pause the track in the exact moment the missile pasts me. Once I had the same doubt than you and thought the fuse model was wrong and asked about it. O think was Ironhand who cleared me the situation (don´t really remember, was a long time ago) but: you can "see" the missile going very near from me, but actually if we make a stop, and take measures, we could see that the missile actually is out of the fuse range, almost in the limit of it. Apart from this and about the ET: I never do an HOJ ET shoot. In fact, in the track I only fire when the eagle turn and gave me a rear aspect (almost), after that I get the LA, and after that I still wait for the missile to have the correct course until break lock, that way i can be sure that I least the shoot is well done, the rest depends on the missile itself. From that point of view, I don see where is the "ubber" behaviour. I now than we can see this ubber things on the ET, but no in this track (in fact if you follow the 120´s, you will see that one of them makes an almost 90 degrees turn to atch me, what is clearle out of the missile´s seeker boundaries)
  14. I wouldn´t call it "MY METHOD", in fact it is just what I learnt from Ironhand´s site. But be ccarefull, evadingthe missiles is important but is not the important thingt in the engagement. The thing you have to have in mind from the begining is haveing a very agressive attitude all the time. You must force those eagles into a defensive position. look again at the track and see how I maneouver in relation to the eagles position so all the timeI have them on sight. You need good evading skills later to mantein this agressive position since it is imposible to avoid them shoot least 2 missiles (and if you pay atention, you will notice that it is not matter of just fireing all your missiles to get them defensive, in the end, with 2 eagles down, I still have enough missiles to shoot another 2 jeje) Despite Im succesul in the engagement, a 1vs 2 situation should always be avoided, at least in this circunstances, and awacs for example would be something we could use to say that would be somenting more "sane".
  15. No, the et is extremely usefull in these engaments. Look at the track. The launch of the 27er is done only for the purpose to put the first enemy into a defensive situation. After that I get close fast and maneouver in order to look for a 27et sahoot, so later I can engage the second enemy. If youm are interested I can make the track with subtitles.
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