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  1. I see what you did there
  2. Regarding the Lipa system (L166V1AE), I was wondering how it works. Found an interesting article mentioning the system: https://www.aviationtoday.com/2012/02/01/countering-manpads/ If I understand correctly, Lipa emits a specific IR signature (IR flux) that basically jams the homing sensors of early IR missiles. These sensors look for a specific IR signature/modulation and the signature emited by the Lipa nullifies the signature created by the aircraft. Thus the IR missile sees "nothing". However, more modern missiles, as mentioned by others as well, not only "see through" this, th
  3. Sorry, I wasn't clear in my post. I meant to ask if you see a difference in aircraft performance in-game when the IR suppressors are equipped. In the real world I'm familiar with the subject, indeed the bigger/more open your exhaust and intake are, the more power (up to a certain point ofcourse). And especially with the IR suppressors I can imagine a (very) noticeable powerloss, due to for what I've read it not only directs the outgoing gases upwards, but also sends them through a sort of heat exchanger to cool the gases down using fresh air. Anyway, to answer my own question based
  4. Thanks for your (extensive) answers all, I appreciate it!
  5. Thanks S.E.Bulba! I don't speak Russian, but Google Translate tells me the units are called EVU and they are to be implemented (and also removable) we will try to transfer the best solutions from the Mi-8 functionality. Those. EVU are planned to be removable. Maybe not right away, of course, but we will
  6. Oh I didn't know they were removable on the MI-8. I do own the module, but never flown her that much. @BIGNEWY @Wags or anyone else from ED, can you confirm whether the IR suppressors will be available for the MI-24 or not? And do they indeed decrease power output (noticeably)?
  7. Hi all, I was wondering, when searching for images of the MI-24(P) you see variants with and withoud "exhaust filters". Are those indeed for suppressing the IR image to reduce threats from SAM? Or do they also serve another purpose? What I mean by "exhaust filter": Personally I think they look pretty awesome on the already bad-ass looking Hind. Does anyone know if we will be able to add or remove these filters e.g. through the rearm/refuel menu? Also I understood the filters reduce available engine power, so that should off course be simulated a
  8. How long did you wait for DCS to start? A few updates ago I've had the same happening, seemed as if DCS was not responding. Eventually I tried just letting it boot up for like 10 minutes while not touching or clicking anything, and suddenly DCS just continued booting. The start-ups afterwards were back at the regular boot-time. Maybe something like shaders re-compiling or whatsoever.
  9. 28 here, started playing flight games ever since I had a PC (ca. 2000) and my first encounter with ED products was the original LOMAC back in 2003 (even though off course the then 11 year old me didn't understand square **** of the plane's systems :D)
  10. I'm not an expert on the topic, just flying every now and then so big chance I'm wrong or not doing things correctly at all, but in my case ever since the JDAM/JSOW are available for the F/A-18 I have to undesignate if I want to check previously set coordinates in TOO mode. If not undesignating, the coordinates are overwritten. Took me a while to figure that one out in the beginning, had like 8 JSOW's flying to the some target all the time. Cursed the system multiple times, but proved being a user error :D Yes, TGP functionality/behaviour changes every update, but the procedure as shown in
  11. I found this tutorial by Chazflyz extremely helpful regarding deploying multiple JDAM or JSOW's onto multiple targets in 1 pass (note, not using PP but TOO mode with TGP):
  12. Second handed or new? Does your pc recognize the HOTAS? Mine works plug and play, and in most modules even a lot of buttons are already assigned to mappings (like trigger, pickle button etc.)
  13. I think you should base your purchase decision on which plane tickles your fancy the most, even if it's a USN or non-US plane. That will keep you motivated to learn the systems and also makes it easier to learn IMHO. I personally own almost every module, but lately have been flying the F-16C solely because I just find it a fascinating plane. And eventhough it's no where near finished yet, there is soooo much to learn... By the way, where do you get such a wife that let's you buy stuff like this? :D If you can, persuade her to also allow you to buy some pedals (second handed if necessary). I
  14. If we're gonna do some heavy planes, give me an AC-130 please! Fly it to the hot zone yourself, switch to gunner position and let the AI pilot fly the thing in a circle around w/e you want. Shoot up stuff, and when out of ammo (or bored), switch to cockpit again and RTB. Same idea as being a Huey door gunner in SP (at least that was possible AFAIK, haven't flown her for a while anymore). As mentioned before, I think the multicrew part would be the biggest restraint regarding "heavy aircraft" modules.
  15. True, and many other games are not optimized for multiple threads as well. However, if AMD is really going to release their new line up for the speculated prices, the price/performance will be great (and as stated before, of course we'll have to wait and see if this will be the case). Personally, I don't need the fastest of the fastest (in that case I would have bought the RTX 2080Ti), but want the best for a certain budget, and according to recent rumours, AMD will be king with Ryzen 3000. Intel will definately have an answer to Ryzen 3000, so who knows what interesting things will happen.
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