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  1. Very nice work on 2.7 !!! impressive indeed! I can still see the afterburner LOD is not changed, or not noticeable. Is it planned to be addressed? Cheers!
  2. I would jump in here and add this request for a better search / add multiple selection filters on UserFiles as well.. : https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257117-user-files-download-section-better-search-add-multiple-selection-filters/?tab=comments#comment-4529337
  3. I've bought that poster in the Smithsonian too, also got the book now. looks amazing! Is there a digital copy of it?? I would really love to have some of those picture as my DCS theme! Thanks for helping
  4. Thank you TAZ!!! It looks much "BETTER" Although in game, I do find it somewhat too obviously repetitive. I don't know if it can be easily changed... Keep up the GREAT work you do!!! Cheers!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for THIS Hi-res picture of the Tomcat to create a wallpaper for my self, I understand it is from the book by C.J. Heatley. I do own this poster, bought in the Smithsonian, but wanted a digital copy of it, as a nice HB F-14 theme... If would appreciate if you could help me find it. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your reply! I believe you are correct in your assumptions, however I would really like to get some kind of reaction from the staff, to know, not only assume, if this is going somewhere, a backlog or the dumpster... Interaction is key here. Just being ignored is a bummer... I know not everything can be addressed quickly, but it should be at some point in time. whats the point in a thread like this getting people to think, have ideas and suggest improvements or innovations, ending being ignored many times. Does not help motivation.
  7. Just wondering, Are posts here being acknowledged by the team, for good or bad, or they just die here and maybe or maybe not I'll see them implemented by surprise...
  8. Hi, I would really appreciate if I could search better/more efficient in the Downloads - user files section, for example, search all files types except skins meaning multiple select options of what I want to search in each category. It is very annoying to sort through thousands of skin files (much welcome additions though ) which saturates the user files. Possibly even save the past searches to favorites/bookmark to a user when he's logged in, if he wants to. but filtering the search better is main priority. Many thanks and happy new year!!
  9. Could you please share your experiments with us, what have you changed to get a good result? Thank you!
  10. Thank you, will try that! Edit: I have my green light working now
  11. @rel4y Thank you for the throttle upgrade! (through IAF.Cheetah) Works great :) I would love it if the led lights (any led...) would still work though... just as an indication that power is on, as it looks dead now... ha ha Do you think it is possible? What is needed to alter to make it work please? Thank you, Ron
  12. Amazing work as always Taz!! Please don’t withhold any improvements you can implement due to IC. Personally I try to ignore servers with IC checks to avoid losing such great and must have improvements that ED is unfortunately taking forever to implement, if at all... I hope the team at ED understands how important these kind of “core mods” are to a combat sim like this, and would rush to implement them already themselves... keep up the great work!!! Ron
  13. Very curious to know.... engine limitation/oversight.... a reply would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Here is a sample of an F-15 afterburner. At this distance (I've attached the whole screenshot for correct proportions) with just one click of the mouse zoom (in/out) the afterburner looks as if it is on/off, while it's still on all the time obviously. No fade effect... very blunt and binary... At this distance it should still be seen and faded as you zoom out or the plane fly's away from you. It can be very confusing and misleading in a dogfight, to judge the opponents moves and energy state.
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