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  1. May i get one v3 throttle like above ? I don't like the current v4 throttle
  2. Just need a genuine clean "WorldGeneral.dll" file release by Eagle Dynamic instead of reinstalling all the big game
  3. Same here,after updated to 2.5.6 Beta, the Kaspersky AV show message quarantined the WorldGeneral.dll so DCS.exe cannot run due to WorldGeneral.dll was not found
  4. Hi Beasty, my old HD7970 has gone 1 week ago, so i've just got "a dinosaur" - Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11GB, best of the best VGA for gaming today :smartass: I've refly the above Su-25 mission and...wow, average fps run around 93-115fps, really nice !! :pilotfly:
  5. I don't think AMD Ryzen make DCS much better than Intel Ryzen 1700X/ 1800X has more physical cores than Intel Kabylake but DCS World eats only 2 cores The game gains performance if you have CPU overclocked, higher clock frequency per core higher fps
  6. I' waiting for upcoming RX 580 or AMD Vega in few months later, should be a mass upgrade from HD 7970 :megalol:
  7. I think i should wait for few months for AMD Vega 11 release if AMD re-confirmation is true, we'll have AMD Vega 11 replaced RX 480 at mainstream platform so the RX 480 - king of Polaris 10 - is out of date :D
  8. Sorry for my Eng is not good. Water, High Visible settings and forests/ large zones of tree are not much impact fps but high detailed model of aircrafts are really stressed. If you can fly Mi-8MTV2 and got that module, try Mi-8 Free Flight test, take off the helo then fly direct to the nearest airbase at the north. At a distance of about 35-40km from the airbase, framerate sudden has a big drop. At first flight i really didn't know what made the fps a huge drop to 9-12fps while I was running HD 7970 with normal average fps of 38-55. Then i found the reason: there're 10 fighter aircraf
  9. Many recent other PC games have FXAA (Fast Approximate AA) antialiasing method, i find that FXAA really good for fps balancing, much better performance than older SMAA 4x, 8x such as in Assassin's Creed Unity/ Syndicate.....but why DCSW doesn't have it ?
  10. I always turn on fps counter each time start DCSW, the new amber color of in-game framerate counter in both new update DCS 1.5.6 and 2.0.5 now are too dark and very diffiicult to see how many fps shown on top left of the monitor :doh: . I hope it should be back to previous yellow color :pilotfly:
  11. Wow, that's great, i always fly planes with mirror folded due to decline of fps A worthwhile upgrade from GTX 770/ RX 280/ HD 7970 :thumbup: Overall fps up to 2x-3x faster
  12. AMD always has problem with driver, not GPU Their driver optimization is not as good as Nvidia because i think lot of games support Nvidia better, while the raw AMD's GPU performance so powerful. RX 480 should be compared to GTX 1070, its technical specifications are totally higher than GTX 1060 except core clock frequency. Have a look at Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 OC, the last boss of RX 480 with new driver, it often lead at top of benchmarks. Hope future Crimson driver makes it more powerful
  13. Nice to hear that, i'm going to upgrade my HD 7970 to GTX 1060 or RX 480 Could you show me some screenshots with in-game fps counter (in Su-25 Instant Action and Su-25T Difficult Close Air Support missions if possible :thumbup: ) The Su-25T DCAS mission gives you fly over a very large zone of trees with shadow from starting scene when changing camera to the left so it's the most fps killer scene and i want to see the your GTX 1060 improvement. My core i7-3770K & HD 7970 still get 17-22fps until the Su-25T pass this zone.
  14. Yep, newer AMD drivers make their older cards better, i've ever played Assassins Creed Unity on AMD Catalyst 14.12 (resolved fps problem for ACU at that time) and found that over 230% fps higher than 14.9 and other previous versions. AMD also supports their olders GPUs for a long long time, now i still run HD 7970 with Crimson 17.11 Relive well. At this point AMD much better than Nvidia. But..... :music_whistling: should i wait more a few months for the upcoming Nvidia GTX 2060 with Pascal Refresh ? :D I'm in Vietnam, here the VGA cost (with tax) much higher than in U
  15. My current system: - Core i7-3770K @ 4.4Ghz with previous stock Sandy bridge i5 heatsink fan - Asus P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard - 16GB DDR3 1600 - MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning (Ghz Edition) DCSW 1.5x runs around 35-48fps, drop under 30fps at high density of tree zone such as Sochi-Adler base...Recently i've been having stuttering issue, may be the problem with 7970 so i want to upgrade a new one. Spending lot of time watching reviews on youtube, i've 2 choices: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8GB and Asus GTX 1060 Dual-OC 6GB GTX 1060 looks a bit better in DX11 games than RX 480 but the Sapp
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