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  1. 1. Radar & Radar Jamming Sites 2. Noball sites (aka Ski-sites; the smaller V-1 launch sites consisting of launch ramps and some out-buildings. These were attacked from Dec '43 and identified to the crews as 'construction sites' as they were nor briefed as to what they were for). 3. Rail Marshalling Yards 4. Rail and Road Junctions 5. Bridges 6. HQs - many Chateaux had been requisitioned by the German forces in France and many were targeted (e.g. a mixed force of rocket firing Typhhons and B-25s bombing from medium altitude destroyed Panzer Group Wests HQ in July o
  2. From my tome of "Guns of the Royal Air Force" by G.F. Wallace ( https://www.google.com/search?q=Guns+of+the+Royal+Air+Force&oq=Guns+of+the+Royal+Air+Force&aqs=chrome..69i57.12063j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) for the 20mm Hispano : Where the HE/I was designed thus: Where the SAP/I (Semi-Armour Piercing/Incendiary) was designed thus:
  3. Channel Map Bases able to support the Mossie... Well there are two airfields that actually hosted Mosquitos that should be on the DCS map... but aren't. 1. Gravesend: 140 Wing (of Amiens prison Raid notoriety) and their FB.VIs were based here from April of 1944. 2. West Malling: Night fighter Mosquitos of varying marks (NF.XII, NF.XIII, NF.XVII, NF.XIX, NF.XX & NF.36) and various units were based here during the late war period. For bases you could actually safely get one on and of
  4. DD_Fenrir


    Negative. The J models were introduced into the ETO in the late winter of 1943. By the time of D-Day, J-models were the only used on operations. The Normandy variants should not have the dive flaps however, these did not start appearing till late summer of 1944.
  5. If anything it will be simpler as the Merlin 25 has a two-speed single stage supercharger, not the two stage of the Merlin 66 in the Spitfire LF.IX.
  6. Lurker, my hyperbole was meant to give you some pause for thought; I don't truly believe you're a lunatic. I get your excitement for the Mossie and wholly understand your disappointment - and I feel it too - but at the same time, in your excitement, you seemed to have ignored all the caveats, disclaimers and provisos that come with every DCS release. You've been around long enough that this shouldn't come as a surprise. Software development is a far more complicated animal than any other service or product in it's equivalent price bracket and has more in common with a c
  7. It must be nice living in such polarisation. I mean, borderline delusional, and not in anyway reflective of the vagaries of real-life, but if you wanna get angry when real-life throws a cold bucket of water over your rose-tinted utopian filter of what should be, that's your right I guess.
  8. Yeah, cos F-14 module is, like, totally unplayable right now without it....
  9. And the award for top "Elitist circle jerk" thread goes too...
  10. Not much is the reasonable conclusion. The aircraft in DCS is competitive, authentic and as close as anyone's ever got to simulating the F-14 in computer game history. There are some tweaks required to get it just so, but whilst the measurable output values of the discrepancies are small, the work involved balancing various drag, thrust, weight and airspeed parameters to get all to synchronise exactly as prototype at a specific condition criteria is huge. Even then, it is very possible to get them spot on at one altitude yet it may not neatly be the correct combination
  11. I have covered this before: But kudos to Phil for making a nice comprehensible vid about the matter. Ultimately we go about it slightly differently but the end goal is the same, to try and give you a physical stick displacement to critical AoA that is analogous to the real thing. The benefit to my method is that you do not lose any of the elevator travel incumbent to reducing Y-saturation and with virtually no curve on the gradient the pull is linear so will feel progressive, but horses for courses.
  12. 138 Wing (21 Squadron, 305 Squadron & 613 Squadron) were based at RAF Lasham from 3rd February 1944 until 30th October 1944 when they moved to RAF Hartfordbridge. On the 19th November 1944 they moved to A.75 Cambrai/ Epinoy (France) and were there till the end of hostilities. 140 Wing (107 Squadron, 464 Squadron & 487 Squadron) were based at RAF Gravesend on D-Day proper, then moved to RAF Thorney Island from 18th June 1944. They didn't move to the continent until 6th February 1945, being based at B.87 Rosières-en-Santerre before transferring to B.58 Melsbroek from 17th Apr
  13. If the technology allows this, it would be ideal, however to cover such a broad spectrum of history 1940-1990 and the massive changes in infrastructure and expansion in urban areas? The development time/cost alone would render such an enterprise uneconomical. You'd triple the required assets overnight. Profound changes and additions to the road and rail networks. Additional bridges. What were airfields then are housing estates now. The level of research required, let alone the programming work is practically unfeasible. For this map I suspect if such an undertaking were ever d
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