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  1. Now that's what I'm talking about. Would you consider offering them to ED as replacements for the defaults Reflected? Those and your P-51 defaults are leagues ahead of the ED ones.
  2. If you like factory fresh finishes, then yes it's certainly a nice clean aeroplane.... but those roundels! Yuk!
  3. HB have told us that the WCS cannot accept re-prioritization from Jester - there's no real life function to this on the AWG-9. What a RIO can do is select specific tracks to not attack. Even then the WCS will auto prioritise what is left with no way for a RIO to adjust except for selecting next target.
  4. Anyone else getting a rather anemic looking 88mm flak shell burst since the last patch? These used to look authentic, dark menacing little clouds of death that would linger, fading slowly whilst their bretheren thumped into existence around you, appearing to stalk and trace your path through the atmosphere. Now they appear as a few spotty grey flecks of smoke and disappear almost instantly. Just me or was this one of the performance concessions made by ED recently?
  5. Yes. I think the confusion come from on spawning in game where the initial position is 2 divisions nose up. The reason being is that the trim tabs have unequal angular travel. 7° below the elevator chord-line (for max nose up trim), 20° above (for max nose down). The gauge however is equidistant between fully nose up and fully nose down, with the needle at the three o'clock/horizontal position exactly between representing neutral trim. Ergo when the trim tab chord-line is aligned with elevator chord-line (i.e. the trim tab appears flush with the elevator) the trim tab i
  6. Er.... no. Neutral elevator trim is needle horizontal. In the the experience of my squad those with spring tension joysticks should trim one division nose up; those with FFB sticks one division nose down.
  7. And Matt Wagner just released a video showing jamming effects on the Hornet Radar.
  8. Whatever. The only shrill tired voices peddling the same old tired manure with absolutely zero evidential data to back up their rancid little attitudes comes from your rabid band of delusional fanatics - as resoundingly proved by your OP. Because if you understood anything about the ECM jamming in DCS is that tactically it provides you with little to no advantage at all. You always get burn through before realistic max weapons range and any advantage you may have thought you had by altitude masking can quickly be negated by healthy application of the left hand on the part of your erstwhile opp
  9. Waaaaahmbulance please on aisle 2. Ooh, it's looking serious - better bring extra tin foil hats as well!
  10. What controller hardware do you have Finnster?
  11. As I would expect it to be. Most of the guys I know who struggle with AAR aren't interested in that environment anyway! Non-issue - there is exactly the same metric when it comes to visual aid spotting icons; and what happens with this? The server operator decides what audience they wish to cater for and tunes their icon setting accordingly and ergo puts up with the pros and cons of that decision. Easier AAR could be implemented in an identical function. And who's to say the functionality could not be developed to allow both types of operation from the same ta
  12. I agree on the last part and is not the way I would wish to see it implemented. However with some intelligent cogent and considerate software design it is not impossible to design an aid system that could be both selectable, scalable and used as a progressive training aid towards accomplishing actual probe-in-basket/boom-in-receptacle AAR in DCS. I outlined my proposal on a solution that could accomplish that already:
  13. Where do I challenge that specifically in my response? Nowhere. You're reaching to find a valid argument and are conjuring phantom axes of argument on my behalf. The greater question here is why you are so threatened by a training aid that could potentially help those who find that leap to AAR too challenging and could use a leg-up? If - as a user selectable option and equally easily activated or deactivated by server operators - there was an easier AAR option that specifically does not dumb down AAR for your personal edification, there is NO logical or rational reason you should b
  14. And I shout "narrow-minded" and "gatekeeper". Considering the evidence presented to the contrary, how bloody dare you pompous ass. Though having said that, it's unsurprising that your capacity for any other viewpoint than your own is so limited; comes from having your head so far up your own posterior.
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