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  1. Looks great Mike. Very nice, very clean, i like what you have done with the main panel and the 2 side swichpanels. Enjoy it! Greets, Jedi
  2. DCS UH-1H Huey Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  3. Spitfire 40 from Mirrorsoft on Commodore 64 :)
  4. Are you and the server on the same version?
  5. Yup will be attending this event but just as a spectator.
  6. Not sure if it was metioned already but it would be nice to have a quick preview button in the Editor. For example: placing and arranging a group of units.
  7. Thank you for the kind words Cowboy10uk Maybe in the future i will make the switch to Helios too. Regards, Jedi
  8. jvanes


    I've done gliding for over 4 years at a local glider club ( http://www.gezc.org/ ) here in The Netherlands. It is one off the least expesive forms of flying, that is in club formation. It costs me around 900euro a year. I've droped my license about 10 years ago due to other interests
  9. To the ED moderator i have a question: Is it possible to change my username? I want to change it from jvanes to Jedi wich is my callsign. Grtz, Jedi
  10. Very nice! Thank you for all the work. Grtz, Jedi
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