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  1. SO along this topic. I set a mission with 4 tgts, spaced so I could see them all in the tgp fov. In too mode I programed each bru-55 with too1 and too2 coord's. When all was in range, I launched one after the other so all four were in the air. The first three missed and the last went right where it should. Did I simply miss undesignating after the 4th bomb was set? Going to try now... anybody else's results/method would be nice to hear of. Tremclad.
  2. Thanks. I suspected something like that, the "AW Shoot" fail message was confusing. Time to brush-up on formation flying. Too much Rambo time I guess.
  3. Just purchased the campaign. After takeoff, following all instructions.... nearing Air Carrier, as co-pilot switches on lights. Suddenly rpm drops right out and crash to ocean. I have been flying uh-1h for hundreds of hrs, I know my rpm limits. After action report only shows "AW Shoot" as reason for crash? Help?!:cry:
  4. Is there anybody out there that could direct me to an .obj file for the L-39? Anything compatible for Z-brush 4r7. The model will only be used to experiment with paint schemes. I would like to use z-brush poly-painting to quickly visualize different schemes for a real life L-39 paint. If you can help, please respond to: mountainchris@hotmail.ca Thanks Chris "Bliss" Black
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