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  1. thanks Rugg asked me to post in these forums a Greatful Thanks to all for your Happy Birthday wishes to him. So from Ruggbutt, THANKS FELLAS
  2. birthday This is the only reason I have signed back in to this forum. To wish my good friend a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY YEARS OF LIFE AND GOOD FLIGHTSIMMING.
  3. democracy I have to agree with the above post, I saw no apparent offence by those members that have been banned. Unless their offense was not politically correct to certain moderators. Suppression by banning, deleting post over an opinion expressed shows a one-sided and controlled forum that is nothing I would participate with any longer, for I can't trust the information that would be posted forthwith. You might as well remove my account now and make room for someone else, I will not be back.
  4. UPDATE Told you Cinch, they just passed you by like a skeeter on an elephants back.:megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol:
  5. thanks Thanks Rugg for posting that. Now I am getting to know more about what is going on. Alot of people have computers, yet most need a tech or tech service to handle, sometimes the simplest of task. They have a computer for various reasons, and one of them is not to increase headaches or potentially bring about a nervous breakdown. Now to install this Mod and uninstall it, or even to make adjustments in any program, would necessatate the need of average or above average tech or software skills. This would only leave out maybe some of us, like me, out for fear of messing something up
  6. red flag You express your self very well and I appreciate the way you presented your side of the argument. I can see your point and it's all good. All I am saying is that if both sides could be presented as you just did, than the flames, and other comments wouldn't drown out what is more important. I'm sure both sides have very legitimate arguments and all are shooting for the highest for the community and let the challenges be in the air not in the forums. Sorry to say but I had to miss last Red Flag at last moment Family schedule change, and I will have to work next one, but Red Flag wil
  7. plane sets Why try to fix something that's not broken. First let Red Flag run its course and see what has to be adjusted. By putting a mod in right away will only suppress the symptoms of important issues that need to be addressed. This mod might work down the road, but, then again it has the potential of screwing up the whole mission, someone's computer, or something. I would shelve this suggestion to a latter time, not forget about it, but use it when it is recognised as an addition to the experience, and not a fix all.
  8. I wil agree with you that Fudd will have the final say, as the community has already spoken about the results of the poll. RED Flag should stay Mod free for the simple reason that Red and Blue wouldn't stay red or blue if you mix it up. Red would turn purple and Blue would also turn purple. Let the planning of the commanders, the wingcommanders command skills, and the flying by the seat of your pants pilots determine the winner. If you lose it will be because the other side had a better plan and not a better Plane.
  9. :) :) :) No thanks needed, just let Fudd and All that are helping him, know I and alot of other members, appreciate all their efferts. Success or not, they are doing something. Action says more than Words.
  10. opinion To voice an opinion here and elsewhere has really been an excuse to some people to invalidate, cause strife, and spoil all the excitement we all had for the anticipation of Red Flag 1. Fudd took it on his own to plan, organize, and get the ball rolling. In my book, an opinion are collected thoughts about a certain subject with thorough research to have a reasonable presentation. All problems will only be brought up with a reasonable solution along or following. To make statements at the level of personal attacks against a person, squad, and leadership is unacceptable. Fudd i
  11. mods I have heard from a lot of ole' timers of Lock-on, that putting this All Aircraft mod of LOMAC on might cause me to have to reinstall LOCK_ON. Why will I take a chance of messing up this flight simm just because someone doesn't understand that you can't please everyone all the time. Red Flag 1 was a great success because the planning members of both sides did the best with what they had to work with. If we attempt to change the arena in any way, it will also change the effectiveness it had on all the participants. Blue was declared the winner by points and missions accomplished, but al
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