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  1. As always, you did a fantastic job! Love it!
  2. Hi ED, downloaded newest stable update. After installing the Marianas module too i get this error message: Unknown module MARIANAISLAND_terrain. On OB it works fine.
  3. Hi, i am owner of this module but do not have OB installed. Is it possible to download the manual for the Hind, or where can i find it. Thank you
  4. Yes, its a fantastic upgrade, patch and module. I love this new A-10C. Thanks ED, well done!
  5. Thank you very much Emmy!:smilewink: You are my HERO for today and you made my day great!!:)
  6. Hi Eagle Dynamics Team, is it possible to get the manual? I am owner oft this new module but i did not installed OB, waiting for the stable version. This would be nice:) TH
  7. No words to say...... 8 thumbs up! :smilewink: Well done, fantastic work!
  8. All your skins are awesome and superb!! I dont like new aircraft, weathered are soooo coool! Thanks for your effort, hard work and giving us so damn looking good birds! Cant wait for your next project. S!
  9. No, surly not, there is only one for you mate! Bavarian special:thumbup::smilewink:
  10. Welcome!! Fantastic! Eurofighter, a must have for me! You can count on me, for sure! Thanks for this wonderful bird. Cant wait to see updates and progress! I wish your team a wonderful time here. S!
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