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  1. Not all pictures of that lego carrier is on that url, i'll see if i can dig out some other ones i found when i get home
  2. I see, thanks for clearing that up :rolleyes:
  3. The panels inside their su-27 cockpit confuses me, they have strange displays which is not whats modelled in lomac, so i assume its not the su-27sk model, nor is it the ub since thats a two seaters.. The video says cy-27ck and thats the sk model isnt it? but neither lomac nor the pics i find on google shows those sort of panels, just normal instruments (which is modelled in lomac) Does anybody know which su-27 model they are actually flying?
  4. Hello all! Sorry for making a whole thread about this but i really would like to ask you Glowing Amraam what soundtrack you are using in your movie "Tomcat_Tribute.wmv", i seem unable to find its group/song name at the text in the end :rolleyes: (maybe its just me being stupid) oh and, lets not forget.. its a great movie, i love alot of the other ones you've made aswell ;) ( http://www.patricksaviation.com/sim_videos.php?action=view&id=66 )
  5. Very cool vid! The cockpit footages was awesome
  6. please excuse me for being a noob (allthough i do try to learn), could somebody explain what AFM is?.. I really have no idea :confused:
  7. I rarely take any eye-candy pictures, mostly just from when me and my mates are flying online (and trust me, thats not pretty) i guess these are some of the 'best' i got :horseback
  8. Xealot

    Su 27 skin

    Yeah thats the one, Su-27 Wolfpack http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=2120
  9. I must be blind, but all places that used to have some decent afterburner replacements doesnt anymore, I've seen plenty of people recommending (and using in movies) the afterburner effect made by oxyd, if anybody can rehost this i would be happy!
  10. Xealot

    Su 27 skin

    this isnt quite what you're looking for but the best i could find was this su-33 skin: http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?page=detail&ID=2117 enjoy
  11. Will your plane get repaired after you landed? Everytime i got my self some hit and managed to land i just sat there being damaged without much to do really but eject and start over in a brand new ship
  12. Thanks all for your replies! it is very much appreciated, My real problem was the actual evasion of the missiles.. they always seem to magically hit me no matter how i turned.. Il try watch the RWR more closesly next time and try evade them based on that! Yet again thanks for your help, I will try practise to become a better su-27/su-33 ^_^
  13. Hi all! I'm a new pilot that started playing LOMAC quite recently, though I only have version 1.02 for the moment i am strongly considering to get Lock On GOLD so i obtain FC aswell As i just stated im a very new pilot, i know extremely limimted flying.. I prefer using the russian airplanes infront of the US ones, i find the RUS cockpits alot easier to read out and interpret and i have got a hang of what most guages means :rolleyes: But everytime im in a su-27 and im up against a F-15, i get my ass wiped somehow they manage to get a lock on me, fire.. then just fly about and bang, im downed no matter how much i try.. Ive tried breaking to the sides, i tried just going down trading altitude for speed and see what happens but 99% of the time it just does a perfect hit on me anyway So I would like to ask for tips of su-27 (and su-33) pilots for any nice way of evading missiles from the damn F-15.. I read a post just recently how someone complained that the F-15 was so advantegous and how people said you could overcome it only if you became better, which makes me want to become a better pilot even more .. :) I saw a video recorded from flankertraining.com (Spelling?) with how you can take down a F-15 with a su-27 using semi active radar missiles, he shot a missile at the F-15, pulled right just enough to keep his beyond visual range thing still locked, then he went back after 15, shot another one, pulled off right again and waited until the ship was dead.. he also evaded one of its AIM-120's so easily.. i dont quite understand how IF anybody is able to give me a nice guideline on this, i will be extremely happy! Thanks for taking your time reading my post - Xealot
  14. That was pretty cool, I particulary liked when you watched those stationary ground targets go boom on the TV in the su-25t - Xealot
  15. Haha yes, I have too had ideas of asking a comm. program developer to intengrate a function for adding that sort of sound distortion I got Adobe Audition 2.0 just recently, i have only took a very quick peak into it but i have not much of a clue what to do really :confused: If you know *anything* that could possibly lead me to the right way, it would be greatly appreciated! - Xealot
  16. Hello lockon.ru ! I have not been on this forum much before, but i have looked alot at the ubisoft movie maker forum for lomac.. I would much gladly have produced a video of lomac by now if it wasnt for my shitty pc :icon_evil Anyway, If i do create a movie, i would like to know if anyone know how i can put the "millitary radio" effect on a sound? Basically recording our teamspeak when we fly, add all that nice noise which you normally hear on military radios and then the distorted voices Im very bad at audio editing so please try be a bit easy going when you reply! Thanks in advance, - Xealot
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