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  1. 1.02 :music_whistling: (Allthough im probably going to order Lo Gold next week)
  2. Im just interested, How are you doing this? I've been looking for a good & easy way of creating realistic radio comm sounds ! Would be awesome if you had figured out a good way and is willing to share the info :D
  3. It appears that the download link for the full version has expired..
  4. Whoa! Now thats how you ride a boat :lol:
  5. Got it, the result videos size is slightly smaller than what you probably saw on the flash and i appologise for that but im not really good at this video stuff ... Anyway, they were re-encoded into mpg but hopefully the quality loss when i reencoded isnt too bad... Heres a zip file with the 5 mpg's : http://rapidshare.de/files/20511503/blueangels_vids.zip.html Enjoy ;)
  6. ahahah, Great vid :lol: any way you could provide me with this ? ;) EDIT: It appears that the flash file streams from the server, so there must be movie files present on the server.. I'll get back here if I find out what the filenames are so you can download them :-)
  7. I see, as I thought.. Oh well.. What a shame :) It does look very nice
  8. I cant wait to get my hands on this game, I bought OFP and its one of my best game purchases ever ;) I really loved OFP.
  9. Ah, Sorry for being inspecific, I mean the slight black outline in the font :doh:
  10. Hello there! I saw -199-LAW.avi and noticed its HUD, Picture Is it possible to get your HUD to look like this in FC or is this just something that came out when the author compressed it with a codec? - Xealot
  11. Very nice work :thumbup: cant wait to see the full movie
  12. Nice video :thumbup: I really liked the beginning, the music, the views.. Made me know I was about to see a decent movie :) Hope to see you make some more movies.
  13. Cant wait to get home so I can watch it :noexpression: Loved all your previous movies, dobberman ;);)
  14. Hello all! A korean friend of mine send me a video (well 2 actually, but im sharing one for now) with Tigrou, the name is LockOnSTE3 I dont know how popular this is but il share it so whoever that hasnt seen can see it.. its really cool :horseback link: http://rapidshare.de/files/16870377/LockOnSTE3.avi.html
  15. The wikipedia link posted above shows a list of causes including: so yeah ^^ thats correct
  16. You guys should check out a game called Infinity, heres a link to a video demonstrating his graphics engine: http://rapidshare.de/files/9540648/Infinity_planet_and_ring.avi.html its a new space game, looks pretty cool so far, too bad its like 1 guy developing it and some guys helping him with the graphics,,
  17. Greetings everyone! I have a little problem, I have quite recently learnt to perform visual carrier landings almost flawlessly now so i never really relied on the ILS at all, only a day ago i tried landing in complete dark using the ILS and my hud looked like this: picture of hud which is right unless i am totally clueless about how this ILS thing works, but everytime i seem to miss the carrier and fly right above it, not by much but enough to make the hook miss.. :/ Are there any good tracks around that would teach me using the ILS or are there any general tips that i should know of? I have pretty much relied on visual for all my landings, both airfields and carriers so im trying to learn the ILS now
  18. Hello all and thanks for your replies! Yes I do use v1.02 but i intend to buy FC sometime soon depending on when my wallet allows it ;) I'll probably rewrite the thing for FC once i got my hands on it so i can see for my self :rolleyes:
  19. Hello everyone! I just spent some time in boredom making a little guide on the very basics of BVR engagements.. I would be quite happy to receive some feedback, it is originally inteded to be a sort of guideline for my new lomac playing friends though.. :) http://xealot.yaoi.se/~xealot/bvr/
  20. A bit OT but it seems like i wasnt the only one flying tonight \o/ me and 4 others was out practising carrier landings ^^
  21. cool vid, I havent played online much and the few things i have.. well.. i didnt exacly fly with any super pilots.. i bet they are just as sucky as i am :) We can just barely keep 2 planes near each other for a longer period of time :( but then again, its like everything else.. time and practise = reward! anyway, still nice.. :)
  22. Yeah it is very nice indeed, and damn you got me there ;) i was gonna post those more pics .. :(
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