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  1. I like it! The only thing i dont like so much is the 'shark mounth' on the front
  2. oh my god.. :surprise: thats soo nice
  3. LOL Nice! one of the best lock on vids i have ever seen :thumbup:
  4. I have bombed myself with dumb bombs in the air with heavy winds :music_whistling:
  5. Awesome work I think the same regarding the fail fin
  6. What aircraft does those range figures apply to?.. since all the aircrafts got different signal strenths.. But i guess.. F-15? just wanted to be sure
  7. A-10's for the coastguard would be awesome, "Hey look at that, a boat full of people.. must be an attempt to smuggle in people! Lets take 'em out with some AGM-65B's :D"
  8. What about the mirage and the su-17? ^^. Im sure there are some others too I cant remember now
  9. Xealot


    Hi, Is it possible to mod the game to add sounds on various of events, such as.. When I successfully lock somebody in a russian plane and things like that which is normally silent
  10. You should really turn on showing file extensions
  11. You say a jammer will break a lock, so if you know someone took a SARH shot at you, is it a good idea to flash the jammer while doing some simple defensive manouvers? (sorry for the spelling)
  12. stunning :thumbup: EDIT: Best part imho was right after the first SPEED text and you see the first F-15 being zoomed in/out i really loved that one
  13. Something like this? (picture taken from lockonfiles.com)
  14. Does anyone know when this repair feature was implemented? did they put it in with FC or was it already there back in 1.02 ?
  15. You know what we really need.. throw out the RWR and other useless hardware like that MFD and slap in a FM radio instead, perhaps a mini TV.. and dont forget some games too, like in Bensky & Mutch
  16. Short but lovely! Imho the intro made a nice impression, it was a long time ago I saw a movie starting so nicely. Very nice camera angles and i like the background music shame its so short though :( EDIT: I forgot to mention, for being your first movie.. Very well done! keep the good work up and im looking forward to see another one of your works in the future.
  17. Me and a friend was playing 1.02 multiplayer with heavy winds and i was dropping bombs off my su-33 flying sideways and after they were released they flew back on me due to the strong winds ^^. And i was just hammering the fire button so i ended up getting a whole lot of bombs on me :joystick:
  18. You mean, it must be rare with complex/intelligent life on planets near us because how do you know whats rare, when you have not seen anything of the universe
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