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  1. For that to work, you would need an engine that will call the animation for "opening the door" when the pilot presses fire.. the LO engine does not I suppose? So my guess is no.. sorry :(... but ill leave the model maker to give you a proper answer
  2. Whichever he choses, Its going to be worth the wait for the TVC nozzles alone, no other modeller so far has been able to do what they displayed with the f-35a model.. Am I the only one here that thinks it would be awesome to have? :huh: Also, To those with negative comments.. Knock it off. Seriously, The guy asks us what we wants and that in itself is really kind, If he produces a model with a quality that displeases you, then dont use it. Check out their thread with the f-35a model if you want a 'sample'
  3. My vote goes to the 30MKI very sexy plane and I would love to see it with the same kind of tvc engines as displayed on the F-35 model
  4. Another cool video I found today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo9BEHteACk
  5. He screwed up the linking, they literally link to "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v....search= "
  6. ArmA is a tactical shooter, Vehicles are strategically important, omitting them because they dont meet up with the expectations of those who play simulators designed to simulate ONLY aircrafts, or tanks, and so forth. Is absurd. While it's been said before that the decision to include the Su-32 bomber might've been questionable because of the range of the bomber vs the size of the island, it's still better than no aircraft at all.
  7. It's been said before and I'll say it again, it isn't a flight simulator.. What do you expect? :P
  8. I'm speechless. The footages linked during this thread is absolutely brilliant! Rep inbound
  9. Funny, We had the exactly same problem when we went to budapest last year (Me and my family)
  10. A suggestion, perhaps adding the USD equilivant of the Rubles inside ( ) would be good to give the reader an approx. of what kind of sums that are mentioned on your blog?
  11. No im quite sure thats because of you, You could for instance use RAR Labs unrar . It will prompt for a password, something like this: xealot@noriko:~$ unrar e crc.rar UNRAR 3.70 freeware Copyright (c) 1993-2007 Alexander Roshal Extracting from crc.rar Enter password (will not be echoed) for crc.c: that should do it. - X EDIT: Just watched the video, very nice find colt :)
  12. Thank you for your response mnemonic, thats a shame :(
  13. Hello everyone, I have no experience with LUA exports so please bear with me, allthough I do intend to learn. I have a simple question, Does lockon export the state of the airbrake for the player? I want to know wether i have my own airbrake out or not in multiplayer no need to know the state for other players, just my own.. Is it possible?
  14. If lockon only looked like that.. :cry: By the way, the in-cockpit shots, when you show HUD footage and such, did you actually fly with these cockpits in FS and then add the hud afterwards or.. ?
  15. I liked the heart, never seen a screenshot like that before
  16. Ah yes, I know. It was covered in another thread where these pictures were posted.. oh and you mean MFD, multi functional display :)
  17. very interesting photos, i have been looking for quality HUD/HDD shots of the russian birds for a long time, does anybody know of any other pictures demonstrating other hdd modes a part from the hud replication?
  18. it's a mission, not a mod.. other than that, Evolution is one hell of a map and just thinking about all the scripting behind its making gives me headache. ArmA/OFP is well, almost unrivaled when it comes to how much you can customize it and mod it
  19. Ehm. What you are suggesting here is quite a task, move to russia, get citizenship and become a fighter pilot.. You're gonna need to learn how to do some research mate. A quick google for "russian embassy" returned: http://www.embassy.org/embassies/ru.html amongst many other results. Theres a phone number supplied there.
  20. not sure if this is of much help or not, but heres some url's for you: http://www.canit.se/~griffon/aviation/gripen/cockpit/cockpit.jpg http://www.aviation-fr.info/militaire/protos/gripen/gripen_display.jpg http://www.vztlak.cz/army/gripen.html I cant understand the text on that last link but it has some interesting pictures
  21. I flew on the 169th a couple of days ago and was chasing a guy around, I was at his 6 with a perfect radar lock for a long time and as soon as I fired a sarh at him, i lost my lock... every time... I had to wait to get into ER range... That was because of the ECM, right? It pretty much rendered all my radar missiles useless
  22. French HUD, does that finally mean that these birds will have some decent hud systems? if im not mistaken i have seen alot of complaints regarding the russian made ones..
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