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  1. Hey I have a question.


    Is it possible to tell C-802AKG to return to flying to its target coordinates or otherwise possible to see where the target is supposed to be?


    I often find myself disoriented once the missile feed comes on and I am not sure exactly where the missile is or where I need to pan to find the target, Thanks!

  2. Arma II is a definite purchase. I liked Arma, despite its bugs.


    As for OFP2, well. We havent actually seen much *real gameplay* unless

    I missed something here?

    OF course the devs and publishers will talk a lot about how great their game is but its hardly anything we havent seen before.

    I cannot make a statement about it before I see it for real. but I hope they surprise me in a good way.


    Allthough there is a chance it might end up more like an instant action shooter game instead of more tactical simulation like arma/ofp

  3. Sorry for not posting any picture, but id like to say that given that some people here have posted pictures of BMPs, Hinds et all shooting orange tracers, Perhaps these were used by NATO countries?


    The reason a lot of russian weapons uses green tracers are because of the material they use. Quote from wikipedia:


    In US and NATO standard ammunition this is usually a mixture of strontium salts and a metal fuel such as magnesium. This yields a bright red light. Russian and Chinese tracer ammunition generates green light using barium salts.
  4. Not really, it's a modified Black Hawk.


    So saying that they put a propeller on a helicopter would be more accurate.



    But its not accurate, because they have also modified the wings on the side

  5. querty keyboard


    just a heads up, its actually 'qwerty' which is the first 6 letters on those keyboards, which indicates its keyboard layout, germans for instance uses qwertz (Y is swapped with Z)

  6. Over G Fighters


    has anyone tried this? I just saw a youtube clip with it, judging from the HUD footage it seems very realistic, have not seen any radar use so I cant tell from those videos alone


    Any comments?

  7. I searched but no detailed information there. Who knows maybe I'm wrong.


    its right there in the article


    The missile was rail-launched from the Gripen flying at 0.9 Mach and at an altitude of 18,000ft (5500m). Following the boost phase, the missile successfully transitioned to its ramjet operation and accelerated to its operational speed.
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  8. Well, I just bought the shittiest webcam I could find and put together a LED on my cap to test, and thats really all I need for lockon anyway as it only supports 2 axis movements


    picture of my extremely hard assembly can be found here



    The results ingame are quite pleasing, I havent tweaked with the settings yet for max performance but overall it works quite well!.

    .. now I just need to get used to flying with it... :joystick:

  9. I hope this youtube video that i quickly made would be reported to the ED team.


    To ED, its entirely useless for anything but the KA-50,

    in order for your head to move sideways as if you are shaking you need a full 3d cockpit, think about it, if you are bumped to the right in your seat, You should see a another view that you never do while sitting straight (duh).


    Full 3d cockpits is nothing they can just add like that, it would involve some serious rewriting of the engine, and I guess the only time we will see something of that magnitude ever happening would be the F-16 vs Mig-29 sim if it ever gets developed

  10. Greetings everyone.

    I have a friend that I recently introduced to lock-on,

    He's now interested in buying a joystick, however have yet to decide which one.. So, Suggestions? :helpsmilie:


    His max budget is around $300 USD,

    and he says that he wants.. "the best" :P

  11. Come-on with the Su-30K...because the MKI would be impossible with the engines.....same as the OVT and the Terminator...all have TVC




    Impossible, how? Model wise? No I dont think so. He knows how to angle the engine nozzles on the lockon models and he displayed it on one if his videos he posted a couple of weeks ago



    Anyway, the author decided go to for an a-10.. good luck with that even if it isnt my fav :(

  12. Maybe you guys will find this useful. I've translated just the part describing the MFDs since the paragraph above was mostly just a common and well known explanation why CRT displays outperform obsolete needle gauges.(I can translate it as well if you really feel like reading it;)).


    Because it was too long to post it directly I've attached a .doc file(it was somehow too large so I had to zip it).


    Nice job, good read thanks.

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