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  1. 95% of the time the sabre is hit by own bombs or by IR missile it always loose the elevators of the tale section. Seems scripted.
  2. OBS ShadowPlay: I stop using OBS because of how it stutters and drops frames. Something changed and the capture performance on OBS now is awful.
  3. Regarding the FM, I have 2 questions: 1- With flaps deploy at "takeoff" the plane have a "nose" heavy attitude and when retracting the flaps it points it keeps the attitude. 2- When flying low / close to the ground the plane tend to be "sucked" into it and needs to "call" or it will crash. I think this is good but this is expected ? Thanks a BTW great module I love it!
  4. Does this also fix the really bad reflections in the gauges? Is almost unreadable in VR
  5. So to understand: the inconsistency is in the damage or how the damage is represented? Because my way of thinking is like this: I you receive a R3S in your tailpipe, at least you should loose part of your engine. And final question is, does the damage model actually exist or just scripted in stages of damage. - First hit you loose X - Second hits disappear desintegrate.
  6. Shooting at the Viggen with IR missiles, hits, and all the time you see the payload falling and also the no wings Viggen flying and still shooting back. Any chance to fix the damage model on this plane ?
  7. In VR this is even worse, it looks like there is a semi-transparent sticker in the canopy or instruments glass. L39, Mig15 are the worst but the static textures are present in all models
  8. I want the A model.. that was the real Cold War tomcat. It should be come first in my view.
  9. I don't think I agree with this when talking of the AIM-7. Is possible to notch a missle that does not have emission? I would think that what you notch in this case is the radar of the plane that emiting the signal. Being SARH the only thing the missiles needs is guide into the return of the specific radar in the specific band.
  10. Maybe this could help as the 27 it´s supposed to be an evolution of the 25. https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/p/anapr-25n-scx-band-radar-homing-warning.html https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/p/anapr-27.html
  11. Still there is hope for an F8 !!!
  12. I do agree with most of what you said, but there is also other factor why is not used in SATAL and is very well documented in tacviews and videos. The missile in DCS somehow the farther the distance the biggest the desync. (Ghost Phoenix) It happen to us meany times that we see Phoenix going thru planes and and not exploding.
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