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  1. Sorry to bump an older thread, but since you're creating seperate binds in both SRS and DCS, does using Ctrl+Mic switch still trigger the SRS mic? Or can SRS tell that you used Ctrl+Mic even if the modifier was not set within SRS itself?
  2. Fantastic idea, well done. This calculation should be embedded into the game officially. Just tell it you physical detent position for your particular throttle and let the game automatically set all the curves for every aircraft.
  3. I haven't actually done much online gaming on it, but I have had success with 4G on a vodafone contract.
  4. Bots scouring online retailers and instantly purchasing any that are listed. And it's not necessarily the miners that are grabbing them first, a lot of the bots are run by scalpers.
  5. I've noticed that the hands that appear in game seem to be originating from the rings of the controllers rather than accurately simulating where my hands actually are on the controller. Specifically, the lower part of the virtual cuff is where my thumbstick is in real life. Needless to say this feels like holding onto some sticks with plastic hands on the end and is quite cumbersome to use. This issue seems specific to DCS as the controllers in WMR and steam portals are in the correct locations and hands in other games e.g. The Room VR are in the correct position and feel very convincing
  6. Awesome work. The design seems like it'd be fairly easy (albeit with different electronics) to redesign for modern jets too (the split axis reminds me of the F18 and F14 stick column). I'd like to see this type of split axis modified to fit virpil's desk mounts and able to fit either one of their or thrustmaster's grips. As it is currently, it could very easily be made to fit a virpil desk mount simply by changing the mounting block.
  7. How much? This is the make or break question.
  8. What are they printed out of? Are they solid or do they have infill? What sort of price range are you considering?
  9. If it's an issue only on very heavily populated missions, I'd say the RAM is the bottleneck. 32GB is recommended.
  10. Tried searching for "VR kneeboard" but it turned up nothing. I figured I'd just try "VR" instead which should get me hundreds of hits and still nothing. I then tried searching for "a10" and nothing again. I can only conclude that the search function doesn't work.
  11. So in the steam VR settings, set the resolution to 50%?
  12. Sorry, can you explain what you mean by this? I just jumped into VR yesterday, so assume I know nothing. Also is this just a DCS issue or a WMR wide issue?
  13. The new forum style, it's garbage. It makes it harder to use the forums, it doesn't even look good. Change it back.
  14. Please change the forum back to the old style, this new one is so much harder to navigate.
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